If you want to edit an event in your Mautic calendar, you can either edit it directly in the calendar, or click the ‘edit’ button and make necessary changes in the event menu.

Drag to Edit Event

The click and drag editing option offers a quick and easy solution if you want to change the date, time, or duration of your event – but if you want to make more other edits like changing who the event is assigned to, or adding notes, you’ll have to click the edit button.

If you want to move your event to a different day or change the time, simply click and drag your event to the desired spot in your calendar. This feature works in ‘Day,’ ‘Week,’ and ‘Month’ view.


click and drag calendar


If you want to change your event’s duration, hover over the bottom perimeter of the event. Two white lines will appear, and you can click and drag to shorten or lengthen your event. Keep in mind that this feature only works in ‘Day’ and ‘Week’ view.


edit event duration

Manually Edit Event

Alternatively, you could edit the duration, time, date or any other aspect of your event by hovering your cursor over the event and clicking ‘edit'. You’ll then be brought to the same menu you used to create your event, where you can make any necessary changes.


edit contact assignment