Edit Dashboard Reports for Schools

Mautic’s dashboard is highly customizable. You can easily edit, replace, remove, or re-arrange reports to fit your school’s monitoring needs.

Edit Reports

In Mautic’s dashboard, editing reports is as easy as clicking the three dots located on the top right-hand corner of each report.   Dashboard - edit button   You’ll then have the ability to remove the widget or edit it. The ‘Remove’ button will automatically erase it from the dashboard - note that you can always add the report again later.   Dashboard - edit menu

Edit Widget Details

If you click ‘edit’ in the above menu, an ‘Edit widget’ popup will appear, where you can customize your report by changing its name, the type of data it tracks – such as ‘Top List’ or ‘Contact Map’ – as well as the size of the widget.   Dashboard - edit widget   Once you’ve customized the Mautic dashboard to your liking, simply press ‘Save.’

Rearrange your dashboard

To alter the order in which your widgets appear, simply click the title of the report you want to move and drag it to your desired location. You’ll notice that a blue dotted box will appear around the different fields where you can place the report.    Dashboard - click and drag   When you move one report, the others will automatically adjust based on the changes.

Save Changes

Once you’re happy with your newly arranged widgets, simply press ‘Save’ in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.   Dashboard - save changes