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In Mautic, you can edit your segments at any time – so long as it’s not a static contact list based on an imported file. You can also manually add contents to your segments.

To edit your segment, first navigate to the ‘Segments’ section of Mautic.


Segments menu



There, you’ll find a list of your segments. You can also see how many contacts are in each.


contact segments


Edit Segment Filters

If you want to amend the filters of a particular segment, click on its name in Mautic.


edit segment menu


Once your segment is to your liking, click ‘Save & Close’ to update it in Mautic.


email builder save close apply


Adding Contacts to Your Segment

In the ‘Segments’ section of Mautic, you can add contacts by first clicking the purple button beside each segment that notates how many contacts it includes.


view contacts button


There, you will see the contacts within that segment. You can create new contacts to be added to the section by clicking the ‘Quick Add’ or ‘New’ buttons in the top right corner.


add new contacts to segment-08


There is no need to save anything once you’ve created the contact as it will automatically be added to the segment if it meets the parameters.