Email Navigation in Mautic for Schools

Whether you’re searching for a specific email or want to compare emails within a specific campaign, there are numerous ways to navigate your Mautic email dashboard.

Sort Your Emails

Mautic emails are automatically organized by date, but you can click ‘Name’ to list your emails in ascending or descending order.


Segment emails by name


You can also view your emails by different ‘Segments’ – such as ‘2018 alumni’ or ‘new inquiry’ – and ‘Themes’, which refers to the theme of your email, by clicking the ‘Segment/Theme Filter’ field on the top left-hand side. This will open a drop-down menu of your different segments and themes.


email segments

Search for Emails

If you’re looking for a specific email, you can type its name or a keyword into the search bar to find it quickly. 


search bar


If you encounter any difficulties, click the question mark icon to the left of the search bar. This button opens a list of different search commands that will help you conduct more accurate searches.


search help

Once you get the hang of these different Mautic features, you’ll be able to navigate your email dashboard with ease.