How to Create Forms for Student Recruitment

Online forms are the key to converting leads online. In Mautic, you can customize the perfect forms for your school, and choose between a number of different form types.

To begin the form creating process, first navigate to the landing page section of Mautic by selecting “Components” and clicking “forms.”


Form menu in Mautic

Add New Form

To create a new form, click “New.”


create new form button


You will have the option of choosing a campaign form, which acts as the primary contact source for a particular campaign, or a standalone form which can have all submit actions configured directly within the form.


form types

Customize Your From

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be brought to a form builder that offers identical options. In the details menu, you can add a name for your form, along with a description. You can also determine what will happen if prospects submit your form.


new form details menu


After you’ve finalized your form details, you can begin populating it with different fields. In the “Fields” section, you can choose from a number of different field types such as date, checkbox, description area, country list, and more. In this example we’re going with a simple “Text” field which allows prospects to provide short answers.


fields 1


You can then customize the field how you wish.


Mautic text field


In the “Contact Field” section, you can match up your form field to a pre-existing property in your Mautic database.


contact field section


Once you’ve customized the field to your liking, click “Add.”

Then, simply repeat the process with as many fields as you need to create your perfect form.


final campaign form


Choose a Theme

On the right-hand side of the form builder you can edit general properties such as the category, publishing information, and theme.

Your theme will be designed for you by HEM based on your feedback and approval. You can select it in the dropdown “Themes” menu.


Form theme mautic

Add Actions for Form Submissions

In the “Details” section of the form builder, you can decide, generally, what will happen when prospects submit your form (i.e. whether they will remain on your form, be redirected somewhere else, or receive a pop-up message) through the “Successful Submit Action” menu.


successful submit action menu


Then, in the “Actions” section, you can add additional submit actions from the dropdown menu.


add new submit actions


You can then customize these actions however you like.


send email to user


Once your form is complete, click the “Save and Close” button in the top right corner.


save close apply


You can then add it to whichever landing page you please. To learn more about landing page creation in Mautic, click here.

Editing Your Forms

If you ever want to go back and edit your forms, simply click on the form you want to edit in the “Forms” menu.


edit forms

Then, select “Edit.”


edit forms


You can customize any aspect of the form you choose. To delete fields, simply press the trash can. You can edit fields by pressing the pencil icon.


edit form fields


Once you’ve made your changes, click “Save and Close” to update your form.


save close apply