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Import Contact List

If you have a number of contacts you want to add to Mautic, you can import your contact list instead of having to manually enter each one. 

To start the import process, click the menu tab in the top right-hand corner of the Contacts section and select ‘Import.’


Import Button

Upload Contacts

You’ll then be brought to a menu which allows you to upload your contact file. Click the ‘Choose File’ button to select a document from your computer:


Import Contacts first menu


Keep in mind that it will need to be in CSV (comma separated values) format. You can convert files to this format in most spreadsheet creation programs (Excel, Google Sheets etc.) by selecting the CSV option in the ‘File Type’ menu when you save.

You can also set the ‘Limit,’ ‘Delimiter,’ ‘Enclosure,’ and ‘Escape’ fields for your CSV file in Mautic before import. These fields control the following:

Limit: Sets the number of contacts that can be imported per batch.

Enclosure: Dictates where the content of specific fields start and end. 

Delimiter: Dictates how each field is separated.

Escape: Denotes characters which have alternative values to subsequent characters.  

However, you should note that these fields have set default values in Mautic, each of which are commonly used values for most CSV files, and you will probably not need to change them in order to import a list. 

Once you’ve chosen your file and set your parameters, click ‘Upload’ to be brought to the next stage of the importing process.

Preparing Selection for Import

The second stage of the import process is where you can set the owner, contact segment, and tags for the imported contacts. Note that this section is optional.


set owner and segment for imported contacts


Before importing, you also must match the columns from the imported file to Mautic’s contact fields. This way, all the information will be in its rightful place in your contact database. You do not have to match every field in your file to Mautic field, but you must match at least one to be able to complete the import.


match contact file columns for import

Import File

Once your file is fit to be imported, you can choose to either import the file in your browser, or import it in the background.


import file options


While the former option may be quicker, you will not be able to navigate out of that window in Mautic unless you cancel the import or click ‘Finish on the background button’.

Importing your file in the background may result in a slower import, but it enables you to continue using the program. You can check on the progress of your imports by clicking on ‘Import History’ in the Contacts menu:


Import contact history


You will then be shown how each of the imports you have made, and how they are progressing:


import menu contacts


Once your file has imported, your contacts will automatically appear in Mautic’s database.