Mautic by HEM Summer 2022 Release

Walkthrough of new design enhancements and notification functionality for Mautic CRM desktop and mobile views

Effective July 11th, 2022, we'll be releasing a number of enhancements to HEM’s Mautic CRM through an automatic update which will offer a better overall user experience due to design enhancements and new notification functionality for both desktop and mobile views.  These new features and functionality are a direct result of continued collaboration and user inputs by people like you.

Though some things may feel a little different from what you're used to, we think you’ll quickly see that they offer a more improved functional and enjoyable experience. 

Let’s show you some of the improvements you’ll be seeing in your Mautic by HEM CRM experience. You can get an advanced preview of the updates below.  Please remember your feedback is important. Tell us what you think of the new layout by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Desktop design updates

Contact Records

In the desktop view, we wanted to open things up and to provide a cleaner, more concise view of the contact records. You’ll notice right away that:
  • the graph on the contact record page has been removed
  • the contact profile photo placeholder is no longer visible - collapsed by default
  • contact record details are more open and not hidden by default
  • lead scoring/ points have shifted and are now located on the sidebar panel (below the fold)

Activities Bar now given more prominence and takes up larger proportion of the screen layout, providing an easier at-a-glance view of all contact activities

A NEW Task Notification Icon

A NEW Task Notification Icon has been included next to the search icon on the header navigation which will indicate when there is a notification to check and address.

New enhancements include when a task is assigned

New enhancements include when a task is assigned to another user, an email notification is delivered to the assignee

An “Add Task” action has been added to campaigns module

An “Add Task” action has been added to Campaigns module

Mobile design updates

Contact records

The mobile experience, via browser, offers the same functionality that is found in the desktop experience but in a truly mobile responsive design. It offers an enhanced layout and design by integrating an easy-to-navigate interface to view and manage contacts.

Main navigation updates

The Main Open Menu makes use of the entire screen, providing all menu options upfront and centre delivering cleaner navigation at a glance


Improving what was previously a congested contacts record page, the new interface has been opened up providing a cleaner look with all relevant functionality still in place and a clean navigation bar including the new notifications icon.

Contact/Lead list updates

Sticky header layout updates

Update header right panel button group

- removed add contact button

Update header left panel button group

- update layout
- moved campus options to the center
- removed filter options

Mautic - Update header left panel button group

Update leads row

- Add email
- Add lead status

Mautic - added email and lead status

Add functional CTA

- add dial phone/mobile number button
- add send SMS button
- add send Email button

Individual Lead/Contact Page

Sticky menu updates

We’ve incorporated a sticky, or fixed, header to improve the navigation on-screen and re-arranged the button order to create a better transition when clicking the search button Mautic - sticky menu updates

Main header updates

In the header section, we removed the profile thumbnail as well as the first and last name and replaced them with buttons that allow you to set a Phone Call, Send SMS, and Email

Mautic - removed add contact button

Lead information updates

In the mobile view, we updated the layout by removing unnecessary or redundant details. More crucial information was moved to the top so that it was up front and centre while removing the Profile picture, Points, Address, and Engagement graph.

Mautic - Lead information updates

Contact information tabs update

Selecting the Contact Information tab/arrow, reveals a new drop down menu of field group details. Field Groups drop down reduces clutter, freeing up space and improving the design.

Mautic - conatct tabs updates

View Activities dropdown updates

When selecting View Activities dropdown, it opens up the contact’s activities that can be navigated by using the touch-drag-slider feature.



Mautic - view activity

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