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SMS Alerts for Higher Education

Why beat around the bush? Communicate directly with prospective and current students from different departments and recruiting segments! Higher Education Marketing’s Short Message Service (SMS) Mobile Marketing allows you to send information about events, open houses, admission, registration and more, directly to your target audience’s cell phones.

SMS Alerts Marketing provides:

  • Continuous accessibility to prospective students
  • Ability to deliver your marketing message directly to your audience’s phones
  • High open rate compared to email
  • Mobile to Web integration
  • Social media integration
  • Online SMS sign-up form
  • Admin interface
  • Back-end database capture
  • Campaign reporting

Download a Higher Education Marketing SMS Alerts Case Study to find out more.

Why do you need Mobile SMS Alerts?

Close to 90% of SMS messages are viewed and read within the first half hour of being received. Implementing SMS Alerts into your marketing strategy, therefore, ensures that your school’s information reaches prospective students quickly and directly. This can give your Web marketing and recruiting untold flexibility and versatility.

Furthermore, every phone number that interacts with your school is stored in a database, which can be monitored in real time via an on-line reporting dashboard. This database can give you a better sense of your target audience, giving future marketing campaigns and keyword research a solid foundation.

A full website audit can help define SMS Alerts marketing goals and strategies. To request a free Higher Education Marketing website audit, please click here.