Advanced Admissions for Schools

Modernize Your Admissions Pipeline Using our Tailor-Made Service

When it comes to recruitment, the expectations have never been higher: schools are expected to balance a wide variety of digital marketing tactics with manual follow-up, all while trying to provide the most modern and personalized experience possible.

Not only is it difficult to check all the boxes when it comes to recruitment tactics, but it’s difficult to do them all well. That’s where our Advanced Admissions service comes in.

Our experts will analyze your admissions process from start to finish, identifying any shortcomings and opportunities, to help your school manage its lead flow more effectively and efficiently.

HEM’s Advanced Admissions service will also help your school make the most of its CRM. By creating workflows, implementing a lead scoring system, and improving the measurement of your lead generation, we can help your school automate key activities to the benefit of your prospective students and your admissions team.

Why Advanced Admissions?

Our tailor-made service focuses on the following three key admissions areas: your team, your follow-up process, and your software. By optimizing these components, we can help your school meet a variety of different recruitment objectives, including:

  • » Improve productivity amongst staff
  • » Make follow-up more efficient
  • » Personalize follow-up
  • » Maximize CRM and marketing automation
  • » Better measure your recruitment ROI

With over ten years of experience in the education marketing sector, we understand that each school has its own unique challenges and goals, and will work with your school to ensure our service helps you reach its targets.

Improve Recruitment Efficiency

The more streamline your recruitment process is, the less logistical headaches you’ll have, and the more time your team will have for its future students.

Depending on your school’s goals, our service can help your school:

  • » Segment your contact lists to maximize your chances of conversion
  • » Identify the crucial follow-up touchpoints your team is missing
  • » Manage and monitor your productivity more effectively
  • » Optimize your admissions pipeline for accuracy and efficiency

Get More From Your CRM


CRM software is powerful and comprehensive, with plenty of bells and whistles that can make it difficult to set up and make the most of. Our experts will help your school harness the power of CRM to optimize and personalize your recruitment efforts.

Our CRM specialists can help your school maximize its CRM use by:

  • » Defining lifecycle stages
  • » Creating lead scoring rules
  • » Building workflows for lead assignment and follow-up
  • » Automating your lead generation process
  • » Improving your measurement capabilities

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