Web Analytics for Higher Education Marketing

Measure your student enrollment efforts and gain actionable insights from your data

Analytics are the backbone of measuring and understanding your institution’s data. Whether your school is looking to increase admissions, track student engagement, or simply discover which channels contribute to your overall web presence, a well configured analytics platform is key to providing the information you need.

Actionable Google Analytics (GA) Configurations

Google Analytics is the most widely used web-analytics tool in the world and tracks data on over 28 million websites. You’re likely one of them. Want to understand who’s visiting your website, on which pages, and for how long? Measuring what actions students take on your website, where they come from, and what drives them to your organization are key to understanding and improving your enrollment results.

At HEM, we can configure your analytics in a way that goes beyond simply reporting the numbers. By measuring meaningful actions taken by your most valuable prospects, we focus on metrics that can be transformed into actionable insights for your marketing initiatives and recruitment efforts.

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Get Ready! Google Analytics is Migrating to GA4

Google announced that effective July 1, 2023, it is sunsetting Google Analytics (aka Universal Analytics or UA) and will stop processing hits, allowing only a short window of time following that date to allow for access to previously processed data. If you’re using UA, it’s essential that your data be migrated to Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4) as soon as possible to begin building new data sets in GA4 before UA stops processing your school’s online data. In stark terms, your school will lose visibility on the actions taken by prospective students on your website.

We fully understand the complexity that’s involved in setting up web analytics correctly and managing GA4 migrations. This is no simple task as each school’s setup is unique and have different requirements for their data sets to be structured. Our team of analytics experts can help create a smooth transition to GA4 and ensure that your data is kept safe and secure during this migration while future proofing your data.

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Detailed Ecommerce Registration Tracking

An increasing number of educational institutions rely on various ecommerce platforms to offer their students self-serve registration options. Accurately tracking these course purchases is essential for any school seeking to understand which markets and channels their students are using. HEM's team have unique expertise in the complexities of transactional tracking and have a track record in configuring ecommerce tracking in both existing or new Google Analytics accounts


Comprehensive Cross Domain and Subdomain Tracking

Many schools maintain a digital presence beyond a single web domain. Subdomains, or secondary domains, are often used to demarcate services, departments, or other portions of a single institution. Whether you need one profile that aggregates all your data in one place or segment it between your various campuses or departments, our team can provide the setup your institution requires.

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Real Time Dashboarding with Google Data Studios (GDS)

At HEM, we believe our clients should have clear accessible data and dashboards - whether it be presenting campaign performance or website traffic. Rest assured there are no more static reports that show what happened at one point in time.

All HEM clients receive access to their own GDS dashboards with dynamic current data on all your ad campaigns or other analytics. Based on your needs, you can review comparison data, filter data per campus or platform, and set custom date ranges all with the click of a button. Creating the right dashboard view that meets the unique requirements of education clients will provide meaningful insights and track ROI of your digital marketing efforts.

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Keyword Tracking and Ranking Reports

Keywords are the foundation of all search engine optimization strategies. Whether your institution wishes to gain insights into its existing SEO standing or refocus its strategy for improved results, measuring keywords and site rankings are an important means of measuring success. HEM can prepare in-depth reports on your site’s keywords performance, those of your competitors, and also provide regular monthly reports to track the progress of your initiatives.

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Data-Driven A/B Testing

Are your campaigns working as efficiently as they could be? Is your new website design aiding or impeding student enrollment efforts? Is there any way of knowing which image drives more ad conversions? A/B testing removes the guesswork, allowing your school to make data-driven decisions. Our team can assist in setting up or completely manage A/B tests for new website designs, campaign landing pages, ad text, and more.

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As an agency that specializes in digital marketing and web analytics for higher education, we understand the ins-and-outs of setting up web analytics correctly. And as a Google partner we have the expertise to optimize your campaigns and get you results

Regardless of the level of support you need, our team of analytics experts can help. We’re ready to have the conversation with you so let’s talk about your requirements and how we can help you leverage more insights from your data analytics.

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