How does your web presence measure up?

When it comes to evaluating your online performance, the real story lies in the details. We embed analytics into all of our data-driven services, giving you hard evidence to determine whether you are effectively reaching your goals. By uncovering trends in your web activity over time, we help you understand what is and isn't working in your marketing initiatives. Here’s how our process works:

We Start by Defining your Marketing Goals

To know if your website is successful you need to first define what "success" means for your school. Here is an example of a worksheet we use when beginning an Analytics discussion with our clients. For each type of audience visiting your website, we want to find a balance between your goals and those of your visitors. This leads to deeper conversations about website goals, translating your objectives into high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we would set up for your Analytics.

Here are some examples of typical users' objectives »

typical user objectives

Measuring the Impact of your Initiatives

Configuring analytics tracking to collect specified KPI data allows us to measure how well you are achieving your goals. We usually set up a number of profiles to track all aspects of your online presence (multiple domains, sub domains, microsites), applying various filters and a tracking code to retrieve the most relevant insights. Once we’ve set the analytics up with the right parameters, we put it to work for you!

Here is how we configure your analytics profiles »

analytics flow chart

Detailed & Easy-to-Understand Reports

Our initial analytics reports will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the effectiveness of your current online ecosystem. By understanding the relative Return On Investment (ROI) for each of your marketing initiatives, we obtain data-driven evidence to show how you can increase your visits and leads. You’ll then receive detailed, easy-to-understand monthly reports to track the progress of your school's marketing performance, compared with your goals and previous history.

View a sample report on SlideShare »

analytics chart

Connecting Analysis with Action

Measuring and analyzing your ROI in real-time allows us to study your goal conversion rates for each individual marketing activity or campaign. We’ll provide guidance on how your marketing plan can be adjusted, based on your progress and changes in your business environment. Online, mobile and offline marketing initiatives are measured with customized tools. Connecting analysis with action is a continuous cycle, leading to improved tracking, measurement and results.

There are many charts, graphs and other reports to help analyze performance »

analytics chart

Optimize for Continuous Improvement

Optimizing your marketing strategies drives continuous improvement of your ROI. We refine and test new variations of your content with A/B or multivariable experiments to increase your goal conversion. Implementing the insights gathered from analysis will lead to more accurate KPIs and the best possible results over time.

Optimization refines initiatives for better results over time »

analytics flow chart

Our repeated process of:


Defining Goals


Measuring Activity


Reporting Results

magnifying glass

Analyzing Performance



produces continuous improvement of the student experience and the business performance of your web ecosystem.

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