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Unlock the world's largest international student recruitment market

With over 500,000* students looking to study abroad every year, China is by far the largest supplier of international students in the world. As a result, the country has become increasingly important for institutions at all levels, with everyone from language schools to large universities actively looking to position themselves at the forefront of the Chinese marketplace.

However, establishing an online presence in China can be a challenge. Not only do institutions need to create Chinese language recruitment material to attract prospective students, but with many popular global sites-such as Google and Facebook- banned in the country, recruiters must contend with an entirely different digital landscape. This includes an unfamiliar search engine, Baidu, and popular Chinese social media channels such as WeChat and Weibo.

HEM can set up and manage your school’s official Chinese presence, coordinating multi-channel recruitment initiatives by utilising our expert knowledge of Chinese SEO, social media, paid search and web development to generate more inquires and help your institution establish itself in this important market.

Our customised Chinese Digital Marketing packages include:

Your School’s Very Own Chinese Microsite


HEM is fully equipped to create and manage a Chinese microsite with:

  • » An eye-catching website design created with optimal user experience in mind
  • » Full content management system (CMS) setup and .cn domain name registration
  • » Up to 15 pages of content creation, fully translated by HEM
  • » Keyword research and on-page optimisation for Baidu

Web Analytics Implementation for the Chinese Market


HEM will work with your institution to clearly define your website goals and key performance metrics for the Chinese market, implementing a comprehensive analytics management plan, including:

  • » Google Analytics Fact-Finding
  • » Google Analytics Configuration
  • » Baidu Analytics Setup
  • » Google Webmaster Tools and Baidu Webmaster Tools
  • » Monthly KPI reporting
  • » Regular optimization recommendations for continuous improvement
  • » Optional A/B testing

Geo-Targeted Chinese Language Pay-per-Click Lead Generation

cdm-lps cdm-web

HEM can create persuasive Chinese language PPC marketing campaigns to drive leads:

  • » Full Baidu PPC campaign setup
  • » Campaign management to monitor and optimize for improved ROI
  • » GA Conversion Tracking configuration to easily determine Cost-per-lead on your campaigns
  • » Custom Chinese landing page creation for Baidu PPC campaigns
  • » Monthly reporting for all PPC activity

Full-Service Inbound Marketing for Chinese Digital Channels

weibo cdm-webchat2

HEM will provide comprehensive inbound marketing services to increase the visibility of your school on popular Chinese search engines and social media platforms:

  • » Detailed student persona development that takes into account common demographic information, motivations and concerns of your prospective students for more targeted messaging
  • » Blog content calendar development
  • » WeChat account setup
  • » Ongoing social media marketing including Weibo and WeChat dual campaigns, QQ and WeChat group management, original post creation, and customer support
*based on most recent data released by The Chinese Ministry of Education, 2016

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