Developing Content Strategy for Higher Education

Tell your school’s story through compelling content that attracts, informs, and converts.

content strategy higher educationRelevant content that provides value to your audience is more important than ever. Cookie-cutter content strategy for higher education just won’t do anymore. Today’s students are intuitive and they won’t waste their time on content that they don’t connect with – content that wasn’t made for them. That’s why, before you can even begin to create the right content, you need to identify, analyze, and understand your audience. What are their motivations? What are their goals? What are their interests? These are all key to building out the right ideal student profile and persona, which is why our team creates custom digital marketing services for schools

An effective development and distribution of content strategy for higher education makes all the difference in building brand awareness, strengthening relationships with current and prospective students, and increasing your website's visibility in search engine rankings.

Whether your objective is creating effective website copy, establishing a blog content calendar, or enhancing your social media channels, we are experts in developing comprehensive strategies and content strategies for all types of education client requirements. We help ensure that every word, picture, and video that supports your school's web presence is curated for the right audience and is providing the best possible message to meet your goals.

Ready to begin? You’re only 4 steps away from content that connects.

Step 1: Discover.

  • » We start by analyzing your web presence, brand positioning and that of your competitors to guide strategy and positioning
  • » Information gathering about target audience, ideal student prospect, and current student make up
  • » Identification of content type and mix that that will connect and resonate with your ideal student prospects

Step 2: Strategize.

  • » Collaboration between agency team and school stakeholders to define strategic goals
  • » Articulation of target audience/student personas
  • » Development of a comprehensive omni-channel content strategy to reach goals

Step 3: Create.

  • » Initiate implementation of content strategy based on approved strategic plan
  • » Creation of content that will engage and resonate with ideal student or parent audience

Step 4: Promote and measure.

  • » Publish and distribute content to promote, build reputation, increase SEO visibility, and expand reach
  • » Repackage content for different channels e.g. newsletters, blogs, webinars, videos, infographics, case studies, whitepapers
  • » Establish regular cadence of interactions with community to engage through online dialogue, establishing rapport, gaining insights and building brand voice and presence
  • » Establish baselines early in the process and track progress and performance through analytics tools to establish content contribution ROI and impact to goals

Higher Education Marketing creates content that’s customized to your unique audience.

No two schools are the same, and yours is unique. So make sure the content your school puts forth is attracting and connecting with the right prospective students – the ones that will fit well with your school’s program offering and student culture. Ultimately you want to ensure that enrolled students will thrive both during and after their experience at your institution, achieve career success afterwards becoming alumni that will champion your school’s brand and cause to others.

Consider the following specialized content strategy for higher education options that HEM can create to support your school’s objectives :

Website Content

Clear, concise, well-organized and engaging content that communicates your core brand messaging. Optimized to be visible across search engines, this content will help increase your visibility and generate traffic. Our content packages include regular updates with fresh material to ensure your institution's web presence remains relevant and engaging for your target audience.


With a talented group of experienced copywriters, HEM can support the ongoing scheduled flow of blog posts to create a relevant, informative and evergreen pool of online information that will build your school’s online authority, credibility and reputation. These website blogs are the cornerstone to a high-quality content marketing strategy.

Images and Graphics

Photographs and other authentic images that represent your school are the magnetic draw behind effective force social media interaction. These help to draw attention to your stories, create an alignment with your brand and culture, and provide social proof regarding the authenticity of your brand promise when delivered or supplied by students, ambassadors, faculty, or alumni.


The use of video has become increasingly widespread with the prevalence of smartphones and the ease-of-use that social platforms now offer. Content creators can record, capture, edit and publish with little effort and snackable video is recognized as a critical tool to compellingly convey your school's story and appeal. By capturing testimonials from school stakeholders such as students, faculty, and alumni, you can present the essence of your community at an emotional level.


A newsletter is an effective way to invite prospects into your school’s community and begin establishing a meaningful relationship. Gain visibility by promoting regularly scheduled news, extend invitations to upcoming events, advertise specific program offerings, and introduce the unique selling points of your school and culture. All of this effort will support and generate results by nurturing prospective students along the enrollment funnel.

Press Releases

The rise of content marketing means many can now bypass editorial/media gatekeepers and share your story instantly via your website, blogging platforms and social media. However, press releases remain a valuable component of any well-rounded content strategy for schools to get your story out to thousands of news services, across social media channels, and reposted throughout the web. Ultimately, releases remain an effective inbound marketing channel option for leading people back to your site.


Combining images, data visualizations and text, infographics tell a story - one that can highlight the values and experiences of your school. By marrying data with visuals, infographics offer an accessible form that meets the needs of digital audiences today. Help your audience visualize important information with creatively engaging, data-rich images.

Now, imagine these pieces of content coming together to form a cohesive strategy to attract, inform, and persuade to consider your institution as part of their educational journey

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