Dedicated Follow-up Services

Never miss a chance to connect with prospective students

No matter how many leads your digital marketing campaigns deliver, you will still struggle to convert them into enrolled students without proper follow-up. Today’s prospective students expect a quick, personalized, and comprehensive response from institutions after they make an inquiry. This means ensuring every lead is contacted individually by phone, email and SMS, in their native language and on a regular basis throughout the decision-making process.

Unfortunately, not all institutions have the resources to do this effectively. Perhaps your team is more used to working with agencies, and has very little experience dealing with students early in the inquiry process? Or you don’t have staff who speak the native language of students in every region you are targeting? Or you struggle to find the time to commit to following up on inquiries alongside your other responsibilities?

Whatever your school’s needs, HEM can provide a solution. Our experienced agents will provide comprehensive follow-up for every lead we generate for your school, reducing the burden on your staff by contacting each prospective student, qualifying their interest, and only passing them onto your team once they are ready to make an application.

Make Every Lead Count with Multilingual,
Multi-Channel Follow-Up


As part of our dedicated follow-up service, HEM will:

  • » Contact every lead as quickly as possible after their initial inquiry
  • » Follow up through multiple channels including phone, Skype, SMS and email
  • » Follow up with all leads in their native language for more effective engagement
  • » Contact leads multiple times until we can reach them and establish their level of interest in your school
  • » Pass only qualified leads to your admissions team

Get Continued Support Once Leads are Transferred to Your Team

Once leads have indicated that they are seriously interested in enrolling, they will be passed to your admissions team. However, HEM can continue to provide ongoing support, including:

  • » Valuable resources and information for every lead generated through our follow-up process
  • » Additional expert counselling to help your team continue the process and nurture leads towards enrollment
  • » Advice to help your team identify the unique selling points (USPs) of your school, program, and location

Full Mautic CRM Setup for More Efficient Lead Management


HEM’s comprehensive Mautic CRM will be implemented for your school to help you manage, track and measure your conversion process more effectively. This will include:

  • » Automatic CRM entry for every lead that fills out an inquiry form
  • » Automatic response emails for every candidate in their native language
  • » Management and scheduling of follow-up contact for every individual lead
  • » Comprehensive call logs and notes for every contact attempt
  • » Automated SMS and additional follow-up emails
  • » Reporting to track email engagement, online interactions, and more
  • » Regular reports to measure the performance of the dedicated agent

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