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In today’s highly competitive and interconnected world, attracting qualified student prospects online is arguably the most essential component of a successful recruitment strategy.

For over 15 years, the team at HEM, have been developing cohesive, sustainable digital strategies, for schools around the globe, that convert prospects at every point in the enrollment journey. We know what works and what doesn’t, and though each school is unique in its offering and culture, our fact-based approach informs us that a multichannel approach will allow your school to reach its target audience on all fronts. We approach this from the view of the entire student journey through the enrollment funnel - from inquiry to application. By creating engaging and persuasive content, to building social media communities, and running successful and cost-effective paid advertising campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, our data-driven approach and regular reporting on performance measures, means you can be sure our services are generating the ROI you need. And our collaborative approach ensures that your team can work in step with ours to refine and improve processes every step of the way.

Inbound marketing draw prospects in and generate leads

HEM’s inbound marketing packages, combine social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and analytics to create a robust digital presence for your school online. These channels combine and work in synergy to generate a steady stream of inquiries and applications for your target audience.

Our multichannel approach can help your school to:

  • » Improve it’s search rankings for critically targeted keywords so that your content and online presence is visible in top ranking search results
  • » Engage website visitors with compelling, persuasive content that will keep them there longer, draw them back, and nurture them towards conversion
  • » Optimize your website to attract more inquiries, contact information, and applications
  • » Nurture leads towards enrollment with email and newsletter campaigns
  • » Build active, engaged, and enthusiastic communities on social media using school driven and student generated content
  • » Use data analysis to gain insights, allowing you to better understand and improve your digital marketing results

Through the development of thoroughly researched, detailed personas that match your ideal target audience, we’ll create a customized inbound marketing strategy and approach for your school that helps you reach the audiences that matter to you.

Find out more about our Inbound Marketing Service below can support your recruitment efforts

Inbound Marketing: Draw a continuous flow of your target audience using our proven methodology.

Social Media Marketing for Educational Institutions: Boost brand awareness and develop a vibrant, active, and sustainable following across popular social networks.

Search Engine Optimization:Learn how HEM can improve your school's SEO so you can generate more student inquiries from the world’s most popular search engines.

Content Strategy and Development:Tell your school’s story through compelling content that attracts, informs, and converts.

Web Analytics: Measure your student enrollment efforts and gain actionable insights from your data.

Paid Advertising that delivers results

Using Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and other providers, HEM’s paid ads specialists can create, build, manage, and optimize ad campaigns for schools of any size. We’re equipped to handle campaigns for single or multiple campuses, in any language, and targeted anywhere in the world. Come check us out.

Our expert staff will take care of all the heavy lifting for your campaign, including:

  • » Determining the right targeting and channels to reach your audience
  • » Creating compelling ad copy and designs that stands out
  • » Build ad sets, ad groups, and deploy campaigns based on your goals to deliver the best results
  • » Allocating budget spend to deliver maximum ROI
  • » Optimizing your campaigns in real-time to increase conversions, improve cost-efficiency, and rotate ads for freshness
  • » Preparing regular reporting to help you track and understand your ad performance and give you guidance on adjustments as necessary

Whether you want to attract more leads quickly for upcoming courses, break into new markets or regions, or retarget prospects who have shown interest previously in your school, you can be confident that your marketing investment is in capable hands.

Find out more about our Paid Advertising Service below and how they can support your lead generation goals

Google Ads for Educational Institutions: Generate more inquiries from prospective students for your school, college, or university using Google Ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Schools: Reach more prospective students using one of the world's leading advertising platforms.

Multilingual Advertising for SchoolsTarget and recruit students from around the world in their own language.

Email Marketing that resonates and delivers on ROI

Email marketing is very much the unsung hero of digital marketing. When it resonates, it offers you a direct line to your most important decision makers allowing you to generate more leads, improve conversions, and boost revenue. Offering unequaled engagement, cost-effectiveness, and ease, a well-developed email marketing strategy is the backbone of your prospective student follow-up efforts, as well as helping you to keep current students, alumni and others informed and engaged with your school community.

Our content and marketing automation specialists can help your school to create:

  • » Automated drip campaigns to gradually nurture leads towards enrollment
  • » Reusable templates for autoresponders, FAQs, and other common communications that recruitment or marketing staff will deploy
  • » Eye-catching and informative newsletters to help keep your audience connected with your school.
  • » Complex, segmented workflows that support the student enrolment journey at each lifecycle stage
  • » Analytics reporting on email KPIs including deliverability, ORs, CTRs, and other metrics that matter

Because of its importance, HEM incorporates certain core email marketing services into both our Inbound Marketing and Mautic CRM and Marketing Automation packages, as well as offering standalone email marketing services.

School Website Design and Development

Give your school a website designed to keep pace with and take advantage of today’s latest online innovations, allowing for a faster, sleeker, and more intuitive online presence that generates traffic. Our team of designers and developers handle everything from simple updates to full-scale redesigns, and work with several different platforms, languages, and design needs. We also offer ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support services for schools.

The technology on the web continues to evolve and the expectations of the user experience is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of ease of navigation, load time, and design aesthetics.

Our extensive web design services can help your school:

  • » Improve the user experience your website offers
  • » Develop or optimize a multilingual website that immediately connects with international students
  • » Ensure your site is mobile responsive and accessible across all devices
  • » Create purposeful content to populate your site with helpful information and visuals

Your school’s website plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing strategy, from top of funnel to the bottom of funnel, so it’s important to ensure every element of your website is working effectively on your behalf to generate traffic and increase conversions. That’s what we do.

As experts in the field of digital marketing for schools, and with a track record that spans over 14 years, we are fully capable to support you to meet your goals on time and on budget.

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