Education Lead Generation

Do you need to generate more leads?

The key to lead generation is the usability and visibility of your website. With so many other companies on the playing field, it’s important for your website to appear at top rank. But how do you get there? Well, it’s complicated, but we can help.

We use the most effective online strategies that will increase your conversion of clicks to leads. Whether you’re targeting local or international recruitment, we can help gear the traffic towards your site and make sure students are landing on the right pages.

Attract More Students

Our team can help you:

  • » Optimize your site’s main sources of leads using Google Analytics
  • » Strategize best marketing tactics for pay-per-click, search engine optimization, email, mobile and social media marketing
  • » Create geo-targeted pay-per-click ads for relevant search engines and social platforms
  • » Create optimized landing pages (forms) on your site and relevant social media platforms and measure results using Google Analytics
  • » Increase your reach into untapped prospective student segments (full-time, continuing education, international, etc.)
  • » Increase leads from mobile traffic

Reduce the Cost per Lead

Maximize on your investments by:

  • » Identifying the most effective marketing mix that works for your school’s audience
  • » Determining the ROI of clicks
  • » Carefully managing your bids online and your Google and social ads budget
  • » Continuously testing and tweaking Calls to Action and ad copy on landing pages for an optimized conversion rate
  • » Receiving monthly and yearly reports to track and measure progress

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