Design & Development for Education Websites

Give your school a faster, sleeker, more intuitive online presence.

Could your school’s website provide a more intuitive user experience? Does it need a more modern design? Do you want it to be faster, more mobile-friendly, or even multilingual?

Whatever your web design and development needs are, Higher Education Marketing has you covered. Our team of experts can handle all aspects of any kind of design and development project, from full scale redesigns to minor makeovers.

We also offer a range of supplementary services to support your redesign, including Google Analytics configuration, branding, content creation, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design for Schools, Colleges and Universities


Are prospects logging onto your website on their laptops, their phones, or their tablets?

If you’re like most schools, the answer is probably all three. That’s why all of our web development projects employ a responsive design approach. Responsive design experts use flexible page layouts to build sites that will automatically detect the layout and orientation of a user’s screen and adjust accordingly.

In doing so, your school can create a site that is fully functional, accessible, and attractive across ALL kinds of devices.


Multilingual Website Development for Your Campuses


A multilingual website can make it easier for prospects in different target markets around the world to find, research, and connect with your school. Institutions who develop alternate versions of their site in the native languages of their target personas can look forward to increased visibility in search engines, improved chances of conversion, and an altogether more welcoming, satisfying user experience for their audience. HEM’s team can help facilitate this by:

  • » Creating multilingual site architecture and sitemaps
  • » Ensuring your CMS is capable of supporting a multilingual framework
  • » Translating your existing web pages
  • » Creating original multilingual content
  • » Optimizing your multilingual web pages for localized SEO

Our UX Driven Design Approach


Our designers and developers are firm believers in UX design. This means that all of our web design projects are undertaken with the goal of improving the overall experience your website provides to prospective students.

Throughout the design process, our experts will consider crucial UX factors like:

  • » How well your site aligns with user needs and expectations
  • » Your site’s overall aesthetic appeal
  • » User-friendliness of your interface
  • » Incorporation of your branding elements (logos, colours etc.)
  • » Use of visuals
  • » Alignment and visual positioning of key elements on pages
  • » Placement of CTAs, forms, and other elements that drive leads towards conversion

This approach ensures that we deliver sites that are attractive, intuitive, and fully functional, and allow your prospects to naturally navigate through the site towards conversion.

Our 7-Phase Process to Design and Development

Whether your goal is to reach more international students, convert more leads, or simply improve the overall experience your website offers, our team will work with you to make it happen.

Prior to creating design templates for your site, we will collaborate with your team to establish clearly defined goals and preferences which will drive our project, and ensure your finished site is everything you envisioned it to be.

From there, we’ll do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Based on your feedback and preferences, our team will create, code, and build your site using our 7-phase development process:


This efficient approach will help to facilitate your continued feedback and collaboration throughout, and ensure the project progresses smoothly, quickly, and effectively.

GA Setup and Performance Tracking

As part of your web design and development project, HEM can also set up and configure Google Analytics to monitor the performance of any new lead generation mechanisms that are created for your site (forms, CTAs, downloadable resources, etc.).

GA will then generate regular reports so that you can measure how well these changes are helping you meet your new goals. Configuring GA will also give you access to reports that measure your web traffic, user demographics, and site visitor behaviour.

This growth-driven approach gives your school the opportunity to clearly see the ROI of your design project across a number of areas, and make improvements and changes where needed.


School Website Content Creation

When you redesign and update your website, it’s not uncommon to find that you need to fill some content gaps. Whether that means creating a few new paragraphs, several pages, or even entire sections of your site, our content creation specialists can help. As an additional service, we can create original copy and visuals for:

  • » Homepages
  • » Program pages
  • » Campus pages
  • » Practical information pages (About us, Financial Aid, FAQs etc.)
  • » And more!

We can offer content creation and translation services in several different languages, and any content we create will be fully optimized in accordance with SEO best practices to help maximize your site’s online visibility.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance


A good website is never truly finished, which is why HEM offers ongoing support and maintenance services after your new design is live. This can include:

  • » Content and design updates
  • » Troubleshooting for browser and CMS issues
  • » Technical support for your team

We also offer post-launch training for your team to ensure you can easily log in, add content, and update and make changes to the new site yourself. This can include written training materials, as well as a conference call so we can answer any questions you have.

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