Email Marketing for Schools

Take advantage of email marketing as a direct line to your most important decision makers using a highly cost-effective way to generate more leads, improve conversions, and realize one of the best ROI available for digital marketing.

In many cases, an email is the first introduction between your school and a prospective student or parent. That’s why an effective and well crafted message is critical to establish a dialogue, create rapport, and address commonly asked questions early on to help nurture leads. By offering targeted, personalized, relevant, and automated content, email marketing campaigns initiatives help address typical obstacles to enrollment while simultaneously persuading and motivating the prospective students to make a decision in your school’s favour.

Use Email Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Build Relationships With Prospects

Anytime a new visitor arrives at your website and expresses interest by filling out an inquiry form, there’s the opportunity to nurture that lead along. HEM creates lead nurturing campaigns that offer relevant and customized content to highlight your school’s value message, FAQ’s, differentiation, communicate school culture and student life, and invites them to join your school’s community. We do this through:

  • » Automated personalized email workflows to establish rapport with leads from day one
  • » Customized content delivered to leads at every point in the enrollment journey using scheduled deployments
  • » Appealing to key motivations and addressing crucial pain points
  • » Encouraging CTAs to further engage with your admissions team
  • » Creating multilingual content in the voice of the international prospect to reduce friction and ease decision making

Here's an example of how a typical inquiry email workflow works


Keep Your School Top of Mind With A Standout Newsletter

As part of our select inbound packages and in collaboration with your team, we’ll design, schedule, and deploy a regular newsletter to keep prospects and students engaged with your school both before and after enrollment:

  • » Include customized content such as infographics, blog posts, and other content offers
  • » Highlight the latest school news, events, student testimonials and staff profiles, all based on regular consultation with your team
  • » Promote open houses, campus tours, and other recruitment events
  • » Encourage further engagement with your admissions team
  • » Measure and report on key KPIs including open rates, click-through rates, and more

Draw Students In With Relevant Content Offers

We’ll include complementary content offers in your email marketing initiatives, either highlighting existing and relevant content on your website, or offering new, customized content. These could include:

  • » Supporting PDFs and e-brochures
  • » Infographics
  • » Webinars
  • » Video
  • » Curated blog content

Manage Your Email Campaigns With Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation


HEM can help set up, configure and deliver your email marketing efforts through your school’s CRM and marketing automation system, allowing you to:

  • » Create automated response mails for every inquiry
  • » Target students with segmented lists organized by program, location, and other factors
  • » Create detailed profiles of each new prospect
  • » Monitor the success of your email marketing through CRM and marketing automation reporting

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