Email Marketing for Schools

Engage prospective students with your school, from their first inquiry right to enrollment

Email marketing campaigns help build rapport between interested leads and your institution. By offering personalized, relevant, and automated content, email marketing initiatives help address critical barriers to enrollment while simultaneously engaging prospective students with your brand.

Higher Education Marketing has provided comprehensive audits to leading language schools, college, universities, business schools, public agencies, and professional associations. Our audits are extensive research undertakings that span several weeks, examining every aspect of your institution from the smallest facet of your online presence to your overall strategic approach.

Ensure that no prospective student slips through the cracks by seamlessly integrating email marketing initiatives into your campaigns.

Keep Your School Community Engaged With Regular Newsletters

HEM can design, schedule, and send a regular newsletter to keep students engaged with your school both before and after enrollment:

  • » Include tailored and engaging content such as infographics, blog posts, and other content offers
  • » Highlight the latest news and happenings at your school
  • » Promote open houses, campus tours, and other recruitment events
  • » Measure your engagement by reviewing open rates, click-through rates, and other KPIs
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Use Email Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Build Relationships With Prospects


HEM creates lead nurturing campaigns offering relevant and customized content to address common student concerns and welcome them to your school’s community.

  • » Automate personalized email workflows to develop a rapport with leads from day one
  • » Deliver customized content for leads at every point in the enrollment journey
  • » Appeal to key motivations and address crucial pain points
  • » Encourage further engagement with your admissions team
  • » Offer multilingual content for international prospective students

Hook Students With Relevant Complementary Content Offers

HEM can include complementary content offers in your email marketing initiatives, either highlighting existing and relevant content on your website, or offering new, customized content. This could include:

  • » Supporting PDFs and e-brochures
  • » Infographics
  • » Webinars
  • » Curated blog content
  • » And more
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Manage Your Email Campaigns With Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation


HEM can help set up, configure and deliver your email marketing efforts through your school’s CRM and marketing automation system, allowing you to:

  • » Create automated response mails for every inquiry
  • » Target students with segmented lists organized by program, location, and other factors
  • » Create detailed profiles of each new prospect
  • » Monitor the success of your email marketing through CRM and marketing automation reporting
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