Facebook and its companion platform Instagram are the most popular apps used by both prospective students and parents of younger students. With versatile targeting features and ad delivery formats, Facebook Advertising is an essential component of any school's marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Schools

In the right hands, Facebook and Instagram are powerful advertising platforms for higher education institutions. Some of the benefits include:

  • » Precise demographic targeting - reach prospective students based on location, language, educational background, or study interests
  • » Able to serve ads to prospective students of any age as well as parents of younger students looking for programs for their children
  • » Campaigns typically yield larger quantities of inquiries at lower costs than other paid advertising channels
  • » The ability to give greater exposure to events, open houses, and similar activities

Reach Users on Two Apps Using One Platform

facebook and instagram icons

Facebook Advertising allows marketers to reach prospective students on both of its properties (Facebook and Instagram) using the same ad assets. This allows schools to get more mileage out of their advertising campaigns without having to develop two separate initiatives. Best of all, with Facebook's powerful built-in automation features, the platform can automatically serve ads based on where it is most likely to generate an inquiry for your programs.

Engaging and Visually Stunning Ad Formats

ad formats

Facebook and Instagram are highly visual platforms. Ads served here contain a mixture of text and image, as well as the possibility for adding video and music into the mix. At HEM, our team crafts visually stunning advertising assets for any school, program, or course, as well as deploying video and other collateral to bolster engagement with the prospective student audience.

Facebook Business Manager Retrieval and Page Recovery

Facebook recently relaunched the way schools manage their assets on the platform by housing ad accounts, pages, and other resources out of a central Business Manager. While this setup allows for more centralized management of your school's assets, many institutions unfortunately do not have complete control of their property (especially if a previous employee set up the accounts). At HEM, we can help secure or retrieve your Facebook assets, ensuring your organization retains full control of its brand on the platform.

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