Facebook Ads for Schools

Reach prospective students using one of the world’s largest social media advertising platforms.

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has become the second-most important online advertising platform in the world, and is one of the most effective, easily accessible tools you can use to grow your school’s online presence and brand awareness among prospective students.

Facebook advertising complements your other digital marketing efforts to cultivate user engagement, promote courses or featured content, and provide valuable information about your desired target audience. With the organic reach of brands on Facebook now very limited, it is also becoming increasingly essential to ensuring your school’s visibility on the social network.

HEM can create customized Facebook advertising campaigns that will increase your school’s overall visibility both at home and internationally, better establish your brand identity, and generate meaningful interest from prospective students.

Why Should Schools Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook ads provide a variety of benefits that can help you better reach your student recruitment goals.

These include:

  • » Optimized and precise audience targeting
  • » Versatile goal and formatting options
  • » Increased brand exposure and visibility
  • » Increased reach and engagement
  • » Lead generation and conversion
  • » And much more!

HEM will work with your school to identify the results you want to see from Facebook Ads, and create a campaign strategy that is geared towards reaching your marketing goals.


Facebook Ad Formats for Schools


Whether you decide to use video, images, text, or all of the above, there are many different ways that you can use Facebook advertising to promote your school. Facebook ads come in a variety of versatile formats, such as:

  • » Photo ads
  • » Boosted Posts
  • » Stories ads
  • » Video ads
  • » Messenger ads
  • » Carousel and slideshow ads

HEM’s expert team can create eye-catching, original ads in each of these formats, and will work closely with you to ensure that we choose the right options for your school’s brand and goals.

Advertise on Instagram


With over 1 billion monthly active users, advertising on Instagram can be an incredibly valuable tool to cultivate interest in your school. Instagram offers an uncluttered, intuitive user experience, and excels in generating audience engagement.

The best part? Because both social networks are owned by the same parent company, the campaigns you create in Facebook Ads can also be served on Instagram. You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or both at the same time, as well as Messenger, Marketplace and the Stories section of both sites.

HEM will manage the placement of your ads across the Facebook network to maximize your chances of reaching the right audience. We will also ensure that your ad designs and copy are tailored for the channels you wish to use.

Facebook Ads Campaign Setup

HEM will handle every aspect of your Facebook Ad campaign setup, including:

  • » Establishing an overall campaign strategy
  • » Ad design and creation
  • » Setting up campaigns and ad sets in the Facebook Ads platform
  • » Setup of audiences and targeting parameters
  • » Defining placements and budgeting

Landing Page Creation

HEM can create customized landing pages for paid social media advertising campaigns, which will be optimized to maximize your chances of conversion. Our team will take care of every aspect of this process including:

  • » Gathering your branding assets
  • » Creating content
  • » Designing and developing landing page templates
  • » Coding your pages

Campaign Management and Optimization


HEM will consistently and regularly review the performance, content, and budget of your ads in order to understand how effective they are at engaging your target audience and generating new leads to your school. This allows us to maximize your ROI through continuous optimization. Our tried and tested process includes the following steps:

  • » Comparing your current results against lifetime performance
  • » Comparing the click-through-rate and cost-per-click of each ad
  • » Expand your reach through remarking and lookalike campaigns
  • » Analyzing audience parameters and implementing changes when necessary
  • » Rotating and creating new ads to combat ‘ad fatigue’
  • » Adjusting your budget according to results

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