Most of the world uses Google to research what they are looking for or to help answer their questions. The same is true for prospective students seeking out information and evaluating educational institutions in the awareness stage. Regardless of the type of school, college or university you are representing, advertising on Google will have a profound impact on your enrollment results.

Be Confident in Your Google Ads Campaigns with HEM

At HEM, all campaigns follow these four stages from initial brainstorm, through launch, to analyzing the results:

  • 1. Our team works with yours to establish marketing goals, budgets, priority programs, and campaign parameters
  • 2. Our team prepares campaign outlines that contain proposed ad copy and images, along with relevant keyword and demographic research
  • 3. Our team launches the ads to your landing pages and continually optimizes the campaigns for better results
  • 4. Our team shares insights and recommendations into the campaign performance and gives your team eyes into the metrics by granting access to an always-on dashboard

The HEM Difference

Our focus is confined to serving educational institutions with the goal of helping them to attract more potential students. We’ve been doing it for over 15 years so we’ve learned a few things along the way about how to deliver results-driven campaigns with Google Ads. While there are other agencies options available, our Google Ads management offerings stand out from the rest thanks to our meticulous approach to data-driven ad management and transparency with the results.

Full-Service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful platform for immediately reaching prospective students and generating inquiries. In the hands of the right team of marketers, Google Ads can be leveraged to exceed the student inquiry expectations that your school has set. Our team offers full-service ad campaign management, from researching keywords, writing ad copy, providing specific geo-targeting, and optimizing the campaigns to continually deliver the results you need.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter

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When seeking a prospective agency to manage your Google Ads campaigns, don't settle for promises of clicks or page-views or lower bounce-rates. At HEM, we pursue the only metrics that matter - student inquiries. Our team specializes in managing campaigns designed to reach users in the "in market" stage of their journey - that is, prospective students or parents of prospects looking to register for courses or speak to an admissions officer.

Targeted and Mixed-Media Campaign Portfolios

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Google Ads allows marketers to deploy various assets to drive enrollments across various Google properties and other websites. Search campaigns utilizing Google's powerful search engine are the core of any student enrollment campaign on Google Ads. These campaigns are designed to quickly and effectively generate student inquiries for your admissions team. At HEM, we also create supporting campaigns that leverage image and video assets along with ad formats which can be remarketed to your prospective students encouraging them to complete their inquiries even after leaving your site.

Continual Campaign Management and Data-Driven Optimization

At HEM, we keep our eyes on the campaigns we deploy and rely on the data to deliver better results. The first few weeks after a campaign is launched are the most important for ensuring it is reaching the right audience and performing according to expectations. Once the initial optimizations are deployed, HEM regularly monitors your campaigns, optimizing them based on data-driven insights, in order to deliver more inquiries at a lower cost per lead.


Always-On Dashboards to Review Campaign Performance

Rather than rely on once-a-month static PDF reporting, every client at HEM gains access to an always-on Google Data Studios (GDS) dashboard. This powerful tool lets users review campaign performance at a glance, filter results by campus or ad platform, and view comparison data over custom date ranges. There are never any mysteries when it comes to reviewing your results - the data is always available just one click away.

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