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What is my Google Adwords ROI?

Date posted: September 10, 2010


I’m using Google Adwords but I don’t know what my ROI is…

When it comes to Pay Per Click marketing (Google Adwords), measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) is critical. If your account is not properly structured, you are missing out on key information, such as which keyword, campaign, ad, or landing page has driven a prospective lead to your school.

The Key to Google Adwords

The key to Google Adwords is conversion tracking. When enabled, conversion tracking measures how often visitors to your site take a desired action. That action can be for the visitor to fill up an information request form or sign up to a newsletter, etc. “Converting” visitors to prospective leads is the goal of your Pay Per Click marketing, which makes this an essential part of your campaign.

Avoiding a common Google Adwords mistake

A common mistake is for schools to have only one major campaign for all its programs. A much more effective method is to structure one campaign per program (or per faculty) for each of the markets you operate in. Working this way, ads and keywords can be properly targeted and your bids can be efficiently managed.

HEM will make sure that your Google Adwords account is properly structured and set up, ensuring that your ROI is tracked, measured, and maximized. Visit this link or more information about working with third parties.