HubSpot Consulting for Schools

Make the Most out of Your HubSpot CRM for Recruitment

Whether your school wants to generate more leads, accelerate enrollments, simplify its admissions process, or build a powerful website, HubSpot has a solution for it. As one of the most powerful and popular inbound marketing software systems, HubSpot provides tools for customer relationship management, social media marketing, SEO, content management, and more.

To make the most out of the services that HubSpot offers, it’s not just about having the right tools: it’s about knowing how to set them up, use them, and monitor their effectiveness. As a Gold HubSpot Agency Partner, HEM is well-equipped to help schools do just that.

Our consulting service provides tailored HubSpot CRM, Marketing, and Sales Hub solutions for schools of all types. We can help your school take advantage of the powerful elements that HubSpot offers, ensure all initiatives are aligned with your organization’s objectives, as well as help your team acquire the knowledge required to make the most out of this software.

HEM’s singular focus on the education sector means we understand the unique challenges today’s schools face, and can help equip your school with the tools it needs to maximize recruitment.

Our Process

HEM’s HubSpot Consulting service involves a step-by-step process to help schools put a structure in place that will enable them to use HubSpot to meet their recruitment goals.

This will be completed in two phases: sales process and HubSpot account review; and HubSpot lead management framework implementation.

HEM will also work with your school to tailor this process to your school’s specific needs and goals, and can include:

  • » Establishing the most effective methods of contact for new leads at every stage of the conversion process
  • » Segmenting your contact lists in order to maximize your chances of conversion
  • » Identifying specific touchpoints for follow-up contact throughout the conversion process
  • » Developing an ideal timeframe for program managers to follow-up at every stage of the enrollment journey
  • » Recommendations for improved automation and measurement of your lead generation process

Analyzing Your School’s HubSpot Account and Sales Process

The first phase of our consulting service involves gathering as much information about the current use of HubSpot’s functionalities, resources and features within your school.

Following a thorough analysis, HEM will be able to:

  • » Define Roles and Permissions/Access Levels
  • » Define Lead Assignment Rules
  • » Define Mandatory Fields for Contacts
  • » Define Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages
  • » Define and implement Workflows that will populate mandatory fields (if any)
  • » Define HubSpot Workflows for Lead Assignment Rules
  • » HubSpot Account Reviews

Implementing a HubSpot Lead Management Framework


With a defined sales process in place, HEM will then implement a HubSpot Lead Management Framework which aligns with and supports this process.

This phase of the project will include:

  • » Setup of your Sales Pipeline
  • » Setup of Workflows for Sales Process
  • » Setup of Lists for Communications Workflows
  • » Determining the scope and focus of HubSpot Lead Management Workflow(s) (by campus, program, etc.)
  • » Identifying and supporting any team members who require HubSpot training
  • » Determining an implementation timeframe for the workflows

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