HubSpot Consulting for Schools

Leverage the expertise of our marketing automation experts to integrate your business solutions and set up workflows to streamline processes and fuel your school’s growth

Whether your school's goals are to generate more leads, facilitate recruitment, accelerate enrollments, or streamline workflows to save time and effort, we offer the technical and practical expertise that schools need to ensure a consistent and gowing student leadflow. As one of the most powerful and popular inbound marketing software systems, HubSpot provides rich tools for customer relationship management, social media marketing, SEO, content management, email communications, and more.

As a Certified Hubspot Agency partner, our technical and inbound consulting services provide tailored CRM, Marketing, and Sales Hub solutions for schools of all types and sizes. HEM’s tenure in the educational community and our singular focus on meeting the digital marketing and enrolment needs of educational institutions means we have a unique perspective and expertise in this field to equip your school with the right tools, solutions and processes to maximize recruitment.

Our Step-by-Step Process

HEM’s consulting process to ensure an optimized recruitment journey includes two phases:

  • 1. Sales Process and HubSpot account review
  • 2. HubSpot Lead Management framework implementation

HEM will also work collaboratively with your school’s team to tailor this process to meet your specific needs and goals. This typically includes:

  • » Establishing the most effective methods of contact for new leads at every stage of the conversion process
  • » Segmenting contact lists to maximize chance of conversion
  • » Identifying specific touchpoints for follow-up contact throughout the conversion process
  • » Developing an ideal workflow and timeframe for follow-up at every stage of the enrollment journey
  • » Recommendations for improved automation and measurement of your lead generation process

Phase 1: Discovery, Review, and Sales Process Analysis and Account Review

As part of our discovery process, we audit your school’s current setup and gather as much information about your Hubspot’s functionality, resources, and activated features. Based on this deep dive analysis, we’ll be able to establish and define:

  • » Roles and Permissions/Access Levels
  • » Lead Assignment Rules
  • » Mandatory Fields for Contacts
  • » Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages
  • » Workflows for Lead Assignment Rules
  • » Workflows that will populate mandatory fields
  • » HubSpot Account Reviews

Phase 2: Implement Lead Management Framework

Once the Sales process is established, we implement a tried and tested Lead Management Framework that aligns with this process and includes:

  • » Setup of your sales pipeline
  • » Setup of sales process workflows
  • » Setup lists for communications workflows
  • » Determining the scope and focus of lead management workflow(s) e.g. campus, program, etc.
  • » Providing training by HEM’s resident subject matter experts to all team members in an administrator or functional role
  • » Determining the implementation timeframe for workflows

Once the Sales process is established, we implement a tried and tested Lead Management Framework that aligns with this process and includes:

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