Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Make every click count

Google Adwords for Higher Education

Also known as Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing gives your school the ability to market specific programs to different student groups and departments. Your school can run Pay Per Click campaigns on all major networks, including Facebook, Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and LinkedIn, among others.

Higher Education Marketing’s Pay Per Click Marketing services provide:

  • » The ability to choose the keywords you want your site to rank for
  • » Ads displayed on the first page of organic search results
  • » Total control over PPC budget and advertising message

An effective PPC campaign can be easily optimized to reduce your cost per lead (CPL) and increase your return on investment (ROI). Contact Higher Education Marketing today to start search engine marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing for schools involves:

  • » Comprehensive keyword research: Keywords are the key to any successful Pay Per Click Campaign and you can't simply pluck these out of the air. Comprehensive keyword research is needed to test which keywords and phrases work best and to then decide which to target.
  • » Careful and thorough bid management: Pay Per Click auction listings can be a rough and tumble world. Without continuous attention and adjustments, your bids will not be at their most efficient and cost effective. Carefully managing your bids can increase click through rate, target ads geographically, tweak ad copy, and maximize your cost per lead.
  • » Consistent tracking, measuring, and reporting: Pay Per Click campaigns must be consistently tracked and measured to determine your click conversion rate, which clicks are making you money, and most importantly, which clicks are costing you money.

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