Paid Advertising (PPC) for Educational Institutions

Generate more student inquiries for your school through multiple paid advertising channel

Paid advertising for educational institutions (often called pay-per-click or PPC for schools) is the most efficient means of rapidly generating student inquiries for your programs or departments in need and filling your admissions funnel. By serving tailored ads, our team can hone in on student prospects in the "in-market" stage of their journey - that is, students looking to inquire about courses just like you're offering.

Reach Student Prospects on Any Platform

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There are dozens of digital advertising options available, each with their own campaign criteria, parameters, and means of reaching student prospects. Our higher education pay per click marketing team is experienced with all the major platforms, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn, and more. We work in consultation with you and your admissions office to determine the right mix of media and platforms to best reach your ideal student prospects.

Generate More Inquiries with Proven Lead Generation Strategies


There are numerous metrics that make up a given campaign - from PPC for schools, to impressions, to overall impression share. Here at HEM, we cut through the jargon that dominates many marketing reports and only focus on the metrics that matter - whether our campaigns are generating inquiries for your school. Using proven lead-generation strategies, HEM can help generate student leads based on any number of criteria - from language, geolocation, professional or educational background, etc. Whatever your ideal student prospect looks like, we'll get them to inquire.

Account and Campaign management that meet your requirements

HEM offers versatile and comprehensive concierge service options. HEM uses focused plans that hone in on the essentials of your campaign management with optional monthly calls with specialists and email ticketing support. For schools seeking comprehensive support or help managing larger campaign portfolios, we also offer premium on-request calls, campaign updates, data extraction, and specialized optimization.

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