Search Engine Optimization

Get your school ranking in the right searches on Google.

For many prospective students, the process of finding a school begins with a search engine query. If your site isn’t ranking near the top of search engine results, then you are going unnoticed by potential applicants. That’s why you need search engine optimization (SEO).

When you team up with Higher Education Marketing, we develop a data-driven SEO strategy for you designed to increase your online visibility. From reviewing your current SEO strategy to creating on-going keyword-integrated content, we can help get you noticed by Google and by your future students.

Initial SEO Review and Recommendations for Your School


First, we review your current SEO strategy to identify your school’s strengths and weaknesses. Your SEO review is a detailed snapshot of your website’s online visibility. You’ll see what’s working and what isn’t, which gives us a blueprint for improving your SEO and maximizing your school’s visibility. Here are just a few items your review covers:

  • » Page Titles: Your first and best chance at grabbing users’ attention. Our SEO review shows you if your page titles are doing that effectively.
  • » Page Architecture: We assess if you are using header tags properly to make your content organized, easy to read, and search engine-friendly.
  • » Content Quality: High-quality content is essential for driving users to your website. Our team analyzes the quality, relevancy, and frequency of your content creation.
  • » Responsive Design: Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way people access the internet. We let you know how mobile-friendly your site is and how it can be improved.
  • » Visual Content: Sites that use images and video rank higher in searches. With your SEO review, we assess if you’re using visual content to its fullest potential.
  • » Meta Descriptions: We show you how your site’s meta descriptions are either encouraging—or discouraging—user engagement.
  • » Site Speed: Fast sites keep users engaged. We analyze your site’s speed and provide recommendations for how to optimize it.
  • » And more!

Keyword Research Focused on Student Searches


Every search begins with a keyword. That’s why you need to target the keywords that your potential students are using to find schools online.

We identify a list of priority keywords for your website that can help you optimize your search ranking. We’ll even show you how you and your competitors are currently ranking for each keyword. Through carefully crafted content and on-page optimization that integrates these keywords, we aim to improve your search engine rankings.

Regular On-Page SEO Recommendations

Improving your website’s SEO is an ongoing process. We produce regular on-page SEO recommendations that include specific, targeted suggestions for individual pages of your site.

These regular recommendations provide the fine tuning your website needs to perform in search engine rankings.


SEO-Friendly Content for Prospective Students

People trust high-quality content —and so does Google! Posting informative content consistently is crucial to climbing search engine rankings and getting noticed by users. Content drives engagement and builds trust between your school and users.


Our in-house team of dedicated content writers and SEM specialists work together to create targeted blogs and infographics that incorporate SEO best practices. All content is developed using keyword integration, call to actions, and SEO-optimized formatting. Thanks to HEM’s detailed market research, every piece of content we write for you addresses the key motivations and concerns of your target audience.

Regular SEO Reports

Let us take the guesswork out of your SEO strategy. You will receive regular SEO reports that show how your keywords are performing, where you stand in the search engine rankings, and which goals may need renewed focus.

SEO is an ongoing process and your reports will help you to maximize your return on investment and keep climbing the search engine rankings.


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