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Date posted: May 12, 2011

Social Media Marketing for Higher Education

Most schools know they need to be in social media, but very few know what to do beyond the set-up phase. Oftentimes, schools lack time and resources to develop a social media strategy, build and maintain a presence and keep up with competition in social media. They end up feeling their efforts amount to nothing more than a waste of their dollars.

With close to 98 per cent of students involved in social media today, Social Media Marketing has become as essential to any higher education marketing effort as traditional marketing.

Custom-made Social Media Marketing services for schools can help you:

  • Build online awareness about your school
  • Increase traffic to your website and all social media platforms
  • Improve conversion and lead generation
  • Create a community for your students to join
  • Position your school as a leader in your niche
  • Create and foster a constant buzz about your institution
  • Control your online reputation as a school

At Higher Education Marketing, we understand the paramount impact of Social Media Marketing on any school’s marketing efforts. We also understand how daunting the vastness of the task may seem. Wherever you stand in your Social media efforts, HEM’s à la carte services can help you channel your efforts and increase your efficiency in social media, measure and tweak your initiatives to continuously increase your ROI.

Get the Web talking about your higher education institution, providing “organic” word of mouth recommendations for your programs, campus, and services. Don’t be left behind!

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