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Social Media Marketing Setup

Date posted: December 19, 2011

Social Media Marketing Setup

Higher Education Marketing’s Social Marketing Setup services include:

  • Assessment of your institution’s social media presence, including:
    • Target audience definition to determine your specific audience and ways to reach it
    • Competitive analysis evaluation:  critical study of 2-3 of your main competitors across social media platforms
    • Social media audit  focusing on the quality of your online presence and the level of engagement of your prospects
    • Social media strategy proposal with recommendations on how to stand out from your competition online
    • Recommendations and action plan: actionable recommendations to make your marketing vision come true thanks to social media
  • Set-up and/or optimization of all your social media profiles according to your social marketing plan and specific marketing goals for each platform. This includes:
    • Help setting up attractive profiles
    • Assessment of branding efforts throughout the social media platforms and website for a consistent look
    • Optimization of appearance, messaging, and user-friendliness of all social media sites on which your school is present
  • Google Analytics for social media: By adding a few advanced segment filters to your Google Analytics, you can see the percentage of traffic that comes to your site from social media, and, you can see what this traffic did once they got there. Google Analytics can also compare social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), allowing you to understand which one drives the most traffic, has the best lead conversion rates, bounce rates and time spent on your site. In addition, Google’s Social Plug-in Analytics can help you analyse how users engage with any social plug-in that you incorporate into your school’s website (including a Facebook Like button, Google’s +1 button and Twitter’s Tweet button). Once you configure the JavaScript for Analytics, the plug-in will provide a number of reports, including:
    • Engagement: the number of pages viewed per visit, average time on site, bounce rate, and other metrics for visits that included and did not include social actions
    • Action:  allows you to compare the number of social actions (+1 clicks, Likes, etc) for each social source and social source-action combination.
    • Pages: allows you to compare the number of actions on each page of your site.


  • Stimulation of blog, forum, and social media discussion and interaction regarding your school including:
    • Optimization of your content strategy to best meet your prospects’ needs on each specific platform
    • Recommendations to boost interactions and engagement with your school
    • Groups, hashtags as well as tools and tips to help your social media team manage your presence and content efficiently
  • Constant stimulation of online discussion and interaction about your school, university, or community college by creating social media campaigns that target your prospects.
  • Leveraging the latest tools and efficiently manage your online presence and content. This includes tips to qualify the tone or sentiment of the conversation (positive or negative) about your school or get negative mentions removed, or ‘bumped down’, in search results.

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