Every school is different, and HEM’s Application Portal allows you to create custom quotes based on your school’s unique price structure and offerings. 

To create a new quote, first visit the ‘Quote Builder’ section or the portal and select ‘Build Quote Builder’.



Then click ‘Add New’ in the top right-hand corner.



You’ll then be taken to our four-step quote builder.


Add General Information

The first section of the quote builder allows you to configure the general settings of your quote. 

You’ll have to give your quote a title and select what application it is partnered with, but beyond that, the rest of the details are up to you to customize.


general quote builder information


If you’ve integrated your portal to Mautic, you can indicate the quote request type in order to connect it to one of your Mautic forms. That way you can more accurately track the performance of your quotes.



Under the ‘Campuses’ and ‘Program’ headings, you can also add information about these two integral quote components. Here, you can determine what sequence you’d like them to be in, what specific programs and courses you’d like to include, as well as additional information such as title and error message.


set campus and program


In the ‘Addons’ section, you can enable prospects to see pricing for the different activities and excursions that your school offers.




You can also take care of what happens after prospects submit their booking in the ‘General’ section. You can customize the thank you page and thank you email that prospects will see and receive after they build their quote.


thank you page student application portal


As for the email, you could either create a simple message or use a preset Mautic email to send to prospects.


thank you email


Once you’ve set all your parameters and are ready to move to the next step, click ‘Next.’



Select Accommodation Choices

If you want to include room and board in your quote, simply select ‘Enable accommodation options’ from the second section in the quote builder.



You can then determine whether you want to allow users to select multiple options, as well as set the pricing template.


Then, select ‘+ Add Accommodation Option’ to give each housing option a name and price. Note: you can add as many options as you need. If at any point you want to delete an accommodation option, click the red button.



Then, click ‘Next’ to continue creating your quote. If you have nothing further to add at this juncture, click ‘Save.’


Input Transportation Prices

If you want to include transfer prices – i.e. the price of getting students to and from the airport – then select ‘Enable transfer options’ in the ‘Transfer’ section of the quote builder.



Then, just as you did with the accommodation options, you can select ‘Add Transfer Option’ to fill in the details of your transportation costs.



Afterwards, click ‘Next’ to continue building your application or select ‘Save’ if you’re finished

Create Additional Sections

The final step in creating a quote in HEM’s Student Application Portal involves adding activity fees, excursion costs, or other optional extras that your school may offer. 

Select ‘Enable miscellaneous options’ if there’s something your school wants to add. You can then choose between different pricing templates and decide whether prospects can select multiple options.



Select ‘Add new option’ to add information about the various activities you want to add.


Finally, finish off your application by clicking ‘Save.’


View Quotation

In the ‘Quote Builder’ section of your account, you’ll see the quote you just created. You can see what it looks like by clicking ‘View.’



This allows you to see what your quote looks like through the eyes of a prospective student.