You can fully customize your applications to meet your school’s needs. To start, navigate to the School section of the portal and then click Settings.

online application portal for schools

There, you’ll see a ‘School Settings’ menu which allows you to customize a number of different portal elements.

Edit Application Design

In the ‘Login and Register’ section of the School Settings menu, you can customize what your prospects will see when they first launch your application.

student application portal for schools

Here, you can edit your application’s:

  1. Look and feel
  2. Welcome message
  3. Introduction
  4. Terms & conditions
  5. reCaptcha

Add or Erase Contact Types

HEM’s application portal allows you to create unique applications for parents, students, agents, and more. To add contact types, or delete any you already have, click ‘Applications’ in the School Settings Menu.

online applications

To delete a contact type, click on the ‘x’ to the left of its name.

higher ed applications

To add another contact, click anywhere in the white field with the different contact types. A menu will appear where you can add additional contact types.

higher ed online application

Once you’ve made your changes, click ‘Save.’

Adjust Quote Settings

HEM’s application portal allows schools to create quote generators that students can use to assess their booking costs. Visit the Quotation part of the settings menu to get started.

Here, you can adjust the cost of your fees, the currency they are in, as well as adjust your quotes based on season. 

online application portal editor