HEM's Student Portal Features

Smarter SIS and Admissions Management for Your School

HEM’s Smart Portal combines online application creation and management, SIS functionality, and lead nurturing tools in one centralized system to help you manage each and every student’s journey – from initial application, to enrollment, to graduation, and beyond!

Student Information System

The Smart Portal’s SIS features are designed to serve academic faculty, admissions, and support staff equally – with tools to plan their work, manage their schedule, and track the progress of students.

Student Management

Each and every student is created as a unique contact in the system from the moment they create an account. From there, you can use the Smart Portal to manage and track their application status, tuition payments, class schedules, grades, and more.

Application Form Creation

Easy Application Builder

The Smart Portal’s intuitive application builder allows you to build user-friendly, stepped, savable online applications that are customized to your school’s needs in minutes.

Quote Builder

When researching a new school, today’s students and parents want full transparency of the cost of their entire education – from tuition fees, to accommodation and activities, to any other extras. Offering free online quotes on your website empowers them to make an informed decision about your school and helps move them towards application.

Customize Your Settings


Connect your school’s email accounts to the Smart Portal for incoming and outgoing mails.

Virtual Admissions Assistant

As more and more of the enrollment process moves online, it can be challenging for schools to provide the personalized guidance that students need. HEM’s Virtual Admissions Assistant helps to bridge this gap in the digital realm by taking prospects step by step through everything they need to know about studying at your school.

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