HEM's Student Portal Features

Smarter SIS and Admissions Management for Your School

HEM’s Smart Portal combines online application creation and management, SIS functionality, and lead nurturing tools in one centralized system to help you manage each and every student’s journey – from initial application, to enrollment, to graduation, and beyond!

Student Information System

The Smart Portal’s SIS features are designed to serve academic faculty, admissions, and support staff equally – with tools to plan their work, manage their schedule, and track the progress of students.

Student Management

Each and every student is created as a unique contact in the system from the moment they create an account. From there, you can use the Smart Portal to manage and track their application status, tuition payments, class schedules, grades, and more.

You can create unique instructors, classrooms, lessons, and cohorts in your Smart Portal, allowing you to map out weekly calendars, assessment schedules, and learning plans for both your students and staff.

HEM’s Smart Portal allows you track the payment status of individual students and parents, create invoices on demand, and record the receipt of payments. This is all made easier through integrations with several popular payment gateways.

Application Form Creation

Easy Application Builder

The Smart Portal’s intuitive application builder allows you to build user-friendly, stepped, savable online applications that are customized to your school’s needs in minutes.

Create the perfect application for your needs. Choose from a range of different field types (singles and multiple checkboxes, text, dates, etc.) to create user-friendly forms.

Make your forms as intuitive as possible for applicants by using conditional formatting to dynamically add or remove fields depending on previous selections.

Allow students to upload transcripts, passports, or any other required support documents online. Supports JPEG, PDF, and several other common document formats.

Enable students, parents, and agents to sign agreements and applications virtually with the Smart Portal’s fillable e-signature tool.

Create unique accounts for each and every applicant. Allow them to save their progress as they go and reduce the number of incomplete applications.

Create unique accounts and applications for parents and agents so they can apply on behalf of students and manage multiple applications at once.

Automatically populate applicant data into your CRM. Use payment gateway integration to facilitation payment of course fees.

Quote Builder

When researching a new school, today’s students and parents want full transparency of the cost of their entire education – from tuition fees, to accommodation and activities, to any other extras. Offering free online quotes on your website empowers them to make an informed decision about your school and helps move them towards application.

Tailor your quotes to price full programs, individual courses, or any combination of options you offer. You can also generate quotes in multiple currencies, offer multiple start dates, and adjust prices for high season.

Your quotes can include costing for accommodation, extracurricular activities, course materials, travel, and more. This allows potential applicants to get a clear picture of what studying at your school will cost.

Once their quote has been generated, applicants can choose to apply right away. If they need more time, they can choose to receive a detailed breakdown of their quote by email. Once they submit their details, your team can follow up to nurture them towards enrollment.

Customize Your Settings


Connect your school’s email accounts to the Smart Portal for incoming and outgoing mails.

Import your logo and school colours. Customize your applications, quotes, and VAA to match your school’s brand.

Add as many users to your school’s account as you like. Invite your admissions team, faculty, and support staff. Easily manage users and user permissions.

Connect the Smart Portal with your payment gateways, CRM and marketing automation, messaging and call software, and more.

Import agencies from your CRM. Allow agents limited backend access to the Portal. Add and manage agencies and agents with ease.

Set the default currency for your applications, quotes, and invoices. Automatically add tax to invoices. Set high seasons pricing for quotes.

Define stages for each Smart Portal action to match your school’s enrollment cycle.

Add UTM parameters from Google Analytics, Facebook, and other digital platforms to enable improved tracking.

Virtual Admissions Assistant

As more and more of the enrollment process moves online, it can be challenging for schools to provide the personalized guidance that students need. HEM’s Virtual Admissions Assistant helps to bridge this gap in the digital realm by taking prospects step by step through everything they need to know about studying at your school.

Each step in the Virtual Admissions Assistant allows prospects to explore different aspects of what your school has to offer. You can use enticing copy, images, video, and other elements to help them learn about your campuses, programs, financing options, and more.

The Virtual Admissions Assistant Helper appears during every step of the VAA process, offering helpful instructions to help prospects navigate the process. The Helper can be customized to match your school’s branding, and the copy can be tailored to your school’s needs.

If at any point during the VAA process prospects want to connect directly with someone at your school, they can. The Call Back Request function allows them to enter their number and receive a call back straight away from one of your representatives.

As they move through each step of the VAA, your prospects will put together their ideal program. Once they’re done, they can opt to move straight towards application by creating a Smart Portal account, or have their program selection emailed to them. Either way, you’ll have a generated a new lead for your school!

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