HEM’s application portal makes it easy to keep track of your applicants, as well as monitor their payment status, and assess the role of agents in generating them.

To view the applications your school has received, navigate to the ‘Submissions Status’ section using the left-hand menu.

View Applicant Dashboard

Here, you can see the names and emails of your applicants, as well as which type of application they’ve created. The dashboard also shows each applicant’s payment status, the progress status, the contact type as well as the updated and created dates.

Sort Applications

By default, the application dashboard is organized by date, meaning that the most recent accounts are displayed first. However, you can choose to sort contacts by name, email, application type, payment status, or agent by clicking on the arrows in each section.

Download Applications

You can also view export a report of the submission status downloading a status list as a CSV or Excel file clicking the ‘Actions’ button on the right end of the dashboard.

View Contact Applications

If you want to view a lead’s application in full, click on the contact’s name.


You’ll then be able to see a detailed account of the application, including the information they’ve added, any documents they uploaded, as well as their invoice. To review any details just click the ‘+’ button or select any of the options on the menu at the top.