HEM’s application portal makes it easy for schools to manage their prospective students by analyzing leads by admissions stage and tracking which channels are generating new leads and moving them down the enrollment funnel.

To properly analyze how many prospects are at each stage of the enrollment journey, HEM’s application portal enables you to set names for each milestone.

To customize your submission tracking, first navigate to the Settings section on the main menu, then select ‘Submission Statuses List’.


Create and Edit Application Stages

In this instance, you will be able to manage your school’s application stages by creating and editing statuses for your prospective students. You can also delete steps that you feel are no longer relevant to the process.

To add a new status, go to the top right corner and select ‘Add New’


Here, you will have to complete the ‘Value’ and ‘Label’ fields and then click ‘Add Application Status’.



To edit or delete any stage, locate the name of the one you wish to modify in the Application Statuses list and then select the three-dot menu on the far right. Click “Edit” to modify the values and save the changes or “Delete”.

Enable Google and Facebook Tracking

To measure where your leads are coming from at each stage of the enrollment journey, go to the ‘Tracking’ section of the ‘School Settings’ menu.



Here, you can choose whether to enable or disable Google and Facebook tracking, as well as add in the needed information to do so. Once you’ve made your necessary changes, click ‘Save’.


edit tracking changes