HEM’s Virtual Admissions Assistant is a new and exciting feature in our Student Application Portal. This custom-built platform replicates every step of the admissions process remotely. The system takes users through an intuitive step-by-step process to move them towards applying online. Users can select the campus of their choice, view available programs/courses and start dates, select their financial aid/payment option, and finally, apply online.

To access the Virtual Admissions Assistant in your Portal, simply click ‘VAA Builder’ in the VAA section in the main menu.


Add New Virtual Assistant

Schools can create multiple Admissions Assistants in their Portal. To create a new one, simply click ‘Add New’ in the top right corner.


For more information on creating a new Virtual Admissions Assistant, click here.

Edit Virtual Assistant

You can make changes to your Virtual Admissions Assistant at any time. Simply click the three dots menu on the far right to the name of the Admissions Assistant you want to alter. Then click ‘Edit’.



Make the changes you want, and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to update the Admissions Assistant.


View Virtual Assistant

You can view your Virtual Admissions Assistant from the perspective of a student by clicking ‘View’ in the Virtual Assistant dashboard.



This allows you to walk through each step of the admissions process.