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The ATC website had been in place for several years, but the site did not meet their current demands. It was hard coded, which meant it was difficult to maintain and update. It also was not generating much in the way of leads or traffic, forcing the school to rely on traditional media for its recruitment strategies. The objectives, therefore, were to:

  • Improve the flexibility and usability of their website
  • Boost traffic to their website
  • Increase online lead generation


Higher Education Marketing implemented an overall fresher look and design, switching the site over to a content management system that was search engine friendly. In the process, content and copy was revised, with extensive on-page optimization for categories and programs. Landing pages were also created for PPC campaigns.


From August 2010 to August 2011, the Automotive Training Centre website experienced a significant increase visits and goals. In all, the changes and tactics implemented by Higher Education Marketing resulted in a:

  • 35% increase in organic visits
  • 36% increase in total goals