Digital Marketing Audits

Many schools live with legacy processes that may have been in place for a long time and may have been implemented by a team that is no longer responsible for its upkeep. So what to do when your workflows aren’t working for you or your conversion tracking isn’t tracking?

HEM’s digital marketing audits involve a comprehensive and methodical analysis of every aspect of your online presence. Each review is tailored to your institution’s pain points along with your current and future needs. These can include evaluations of your personas and key messaging, conversion tracking, web UX and design, social media presence, content marketing strategies, SEO, and lead nurturing processes.

Depending on your school’s goals, our audit can examine any or all of the following:

  • » Accuracy and relevance of your student personas
  • » School’s ability to track and measure its lead generation and conversion process
  • » Competitive review and evaluation of your digital marketing presence in your marketspace
  • » User experience of your school’s website offers
  • » Effectiveness and performance of your efforts on multiple digital marketing channels
  • » Assess the role of CRM and marketing automation in your admissions process

The issues we identify and the recommendations we make in our audits, when implemented, can make a direct and positive contribution to your school’s recruitment growth objectives, and provide a foundation for your future success.

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Advanced Admissions

School admissions and marketing teams, regardless of how lean or well resourced, are expected to manage multiple tools, processes, departmental stakeholder needs, and are tasked with delivering an experience that exceeds expectations to maintain an edge in a competitive field. But to deliver on that requires that your processes, pipeline, marketing automation, CRM, and human touchpoints all be optimized to deliver it seamlessly.

As part of our Advanced Admissions service,our team of specialists will do a deep dive and analyze the people, processes, and software involved in your school’s recruitment process. Based on those findings, we’ll then make recommendations that can serve as a blueprint for a more efficient, effective future for your team and organization.

Our education marketing specialists can help your school:

  • » Identify the crucial follow-up touchpoints your team is missing
  • » Manage and monitor your productivity and pipeline more efficiently and provide recommendations on how to improve their results
  • » Segment your contact lists to maximize conversions
  • » Define lifecycle stages and lead scoring rules
  • » Create workflows for lead assignment and follow-up
  • » Improve the automation and measurement of your lead generation process

Whether you’re looking to boost enrollment for certain courses in the short-term, or optimize your recruitment strategy for long-term success, our Advanced Admissions service will provide your school with the actionable advice it needs.

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HubSpot Consultation

As a Certified Hubspot Agency partner, our technical and inbound consulting services provide tailored CRM, Marketing, and Sales Hub solutions for schools of all types and sizes. As one of the most powerful and popular inbound marketing software systems, HubSpot provides rich tools for CRM, social media marketing, SEO, content management, email communications, and more.

Our singular focus on meeting the digital marketing and enrolment needs of educational institutions means we have a unique perspective and expertise in this field to equip your school with the right tools, solutions and processes to maximize recruitment and ensure an optimized recruitment journey. Our consultation process includes a two-part phase that reviews your sales process and Hubspot instance, and your lead management framework.

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As experts in the field of digital marketing for educational institutions, we can support you to meet your process, communication, promotion, recruitment, and enrollment goals.

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