In today’s digital world, prospective students expect to receive an autoresponder email after they complete a key action such as submitting an inquiry form. Although your school will likely manually follow-up with the prospect – whether that be to schedule a meeting, or answer their question – an autoresponder will let prospects know that your school has successfully received their request, and will be in touch.

Another advantage of autoresponder campaigns is that they offer opportunities to provide prospective students with additional information or content offers that may help nurture them along the enrollment funnel.

To learn how to create autoresponder campaigns in Mautic by HEM, read on!

How to Set Up a New Campaign

To start creating a autoresponder campaign, navigate to the Campaigns section of Mautic and click “New”.

mautic crm for schools

Then, you can add general information about the campaign in the main menu. Schools are required to name their campaigns, but the other elements (such as description and category) are optional. It is recommended that schools toggle the Published field to “No” while they are in the process of creating their campaign so as to prevent any errors.

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When you’re ready to start customizing your campaign, click “Launch Campaign Builder”. 

Creating Autoresponder Campaigns

Although the content of autoresponder emails tends to be on the simpler side, they play a key role in streamlining your school’s email strategy. When a prospect fills out a form—whether it be to sign up to your school’s newsletter, download a brochure, or request information—they want to be assured that their request has been processed. An autoresponder does just that. 

Autoresponders also provide opportunities to continue nurturing prospects through the enrollment journey by offering them additional information or assets.

To create an autoresponder in Mautic, first create a campaign using the aforementioned steps. Then, click “Launch Campaign Builder.”

From there, you have the option to start your campaign by selecting either a particular form, or contact segment, in Mautic. 

crm education

From there, you’ll be asked to select the particular segment or form that will trigger the campaign. Those belonging to the segment, or those that have submitted the form, will be automatically added to the campaign.

In this example, we’re going to create a campaign that triggers an autoresponder when prospects register for a webinar. 

education crm

From there, you have the option to create a decision, carry out an action, or add a condition. In this case, we want to send an email, so we click “action” and then select “send email” from the drop-down menu.

crm eduedu crm

When you click the particular action, a menu will open that will allow you to select which email you want to send (as well as preview and edit it) as well as determine when it will send out. If you click “immediately”, it will be sent at the very moment a contact joins a segment or submits a form. If you don’t have a particular email in mind, click “Create Email,” and you can make one right on the spot.

crm and marketing automation for schools

When you’re happy with your selections, click “+Add”. Your campaign, then, will look something like this:

crm and marketing automation for education

Then, click “Apply” in the top right corner.

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You will then be brought to the general campaign menu. If you want to launch your campaign, click “Publish” and then “Save and close”. Your campaign will be activated automatically.

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