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Establishing a clear, effective and optimized website is crucial in distinguishing your brand apart from the competition. From brand identity landscapes to complete website creation and management, Higher Education Marketing provides full Branding and Web Development. These services ensure that your school’s website is fully optimized and visible, with manageable and engaging aesthetics, and content management systems.

Resonate with Your Audience

Develop a brand that truly resemble you

  • » Assess your current brand, its perception, reputation, and its marketing effectiveness through your site data.
  • » See how your competition is faring in terms of branding.
  • » Develop a brand that resonates with your students, faculty and other stakeholders.
  • » Design a logo and slogan that capture what your school is really about.
  • » Determine what new content needs to be developed and which can simply be repositioned.
  • » Receive guidance on launching and cultivating your brand.

Align Values with Look

Offer a website that captures your ideas:

  • » Optimize your website for SEO and social media.
  • » Create a user-friendly website architecture.
  • » Implement a web aesthetic that matches your brand and appeals to your audiences.
  • » Create a website that can cater to your students and prospects where they are (mobile, tablets, desktops, etc.).
  • » Integrate a manageable and flexible content management system.

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