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You can customize any leads list in Mautic’s database by first clicking the arrow in the top right-hand corner and selecting ‘Customize.’


Customize Contact Menu


A popup will appear that allows you to add and remove columns depending on which fields you want displayed in your list. The ‘Name’ and ‘Created Date’ columns will always remain constant – you cannot remove or edit those – but the rest of the fields are up for grabs.

Add Columns

To add a new column, simply select the field you wish to display from the ‘Fields’ dropdown menu.


Customize leads list table


You can customize your leads list table using a wide variety of fields such as campaign, gender, and city. In fact, you can create a column for any field in Mautic’s database.

Once you’ve selected the field you want to add, simply press ‘Add Column’ and it will be added to the ‘Label’ menu.


Add leads list column


Once your desired columns are set, click ‘Update Columns’ button on the bottom right.

Arrange Columns

To arrange the order your columns appear in, click the three vertical dots beside the column you want to move and drag it to your desired location.


Click and drag to arrange columns-18

After your columns are arranged to your liking, press ‘Update Columns.’

Remove Columns

To remove a column from your list, click the red ‘X’ beside the field you do not want displayed.


Remove column

Once you have determined which columns to include or not, click ‘Update Columns.’