Student Leads by Admission Stage Report

This report segments leads by admissions stage, showing the percentage and number of each.

To access this report, click the ‘Reports’ button on the left-hand sidebar.


reports menu


From there, scroll down the menu of your reports until you find the one marked ‘Leads by Stage’ and click on it.


leads by stage menu

View Report

The ‘Leads by Stage’ report provides an in-depth overview on the leads you’ve generated in a given time period. 

The top section of the report features three pie charts that indicate the different programs your prospects are interested, the contact types added in the given time period, and what stages your leads are at.


leads by stage report


The bottom section of the report provides an in-depth overview of your leads. You can see a wide variety of information about each contact, including their:

  1. Contact creation date
  2. Stage
  3. Name
  4. Email
  5. Program
  6. Owner name
  7. Contact type

The report is automatically sorted by date, but you can organize it by any of the other parameters (such as stage or program) by clicking on the desired heading.


leads by stage report


Adjust Date Range

You can modify the date range of this report by clicking on the calendar button above the report:


leads by stage date range