Log a Call for Student Recruitment

Since phone calls are one of the only ways to directly communicate with students, they’re highly effective student recruitment tools – and Mautic makes them even easier to manage.

With Mautic’s new call log feature, no longer will you have to use sticky notes or scrap paper to record details from a phone conversation – and risk losing that information. Now, you can make a few quick notes about a phone conversation and save it within a contact’s profile. 

Navigate to Contact Profile

In each contact’s profile, you’ll find the call logging feature under the ‘phone calls’ tab. Simply click ‘Log a call’ to begin.


log a call

Add Call Information

A pop-up will appear that allows you to log the call on the system. Simply select the date the call was placed, a title for the activity log, and any notes you want to make. You can also log the outcome of the call (Connected, Busy, Left voicemail, etc.) under the ‘Status’ tab. Once you have finished, click Save.


log call


The call history will then appear under the Call tab in the contact’s information page.


call logged in contact profile