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In many CRM systems, if you want to edit a contact, you’ll have to go into an editing interface, change the needed field, and re-save the entire contact – which can be time-consuming. 

In HEM’s Mautic CRM and Marketing Automation platform, however, you can edit your contact with a single click.

In a contact’s profile, simply double click on the field you want to change and you’ll have the ability to edit the text then and there.

Click to Edit

If you wanted to change a contact’s email, for example, simply double click on the existing email address and enter the updated information. Once you click the green check mark, your changes will automatically update.


inline editing


The quick edit feature works on the lead profile on the right-hand side of each contact in mautic, as well as the various windows on the left-hand side. The only section that does not support the quick edit feature is the contact history menu at the bottom of your screen.


contact profile


Since schools are always editing and updating their contacts, the new quick edit feature in Mautic makes it easier for you to keep your contact information accurate.