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Valuable and relevant content is more important than ever to attract and engage your audience. An effective content development and distribution strategy makes all the difference in building brand awareness, strengthening relationships with current and prospective students, and increasing your website's visibility in search engine rankings.

Whether your objective is creating effective website copy, establishing a blog content calendar or enhancing your social media channels, we have experience developing comprehensive content strategies for all types of client requirements. We help ensure that every word, picture and video that makes up your school's web presence is providing the best possible message to meet your goals.

Why Content Marketing?

  • » Good content continues to deliver value long after it has been published
  • » It provides valuable information to your visitors, developing trust and keeping them coming back to your website
  • » Content is a cornerstone of successful SEO practices, making it easier for prospects to find you through organic search

There are three essential components of Content Strategy & Development:

Content Analysis

  • » Understand how your website and social media channels compare to leading competitors
  • » Identify which content is most successful for your audiences and opportunities for improvement
  • » Receive a comprehensive inventory to know which content and media are driving the most traffic to your website

Content Generation

  • » Implement an effective content creation strategy, approval process, and publication calendar
  • » Create compelling and optimized content, including website pages, blog posts, images, videos, newsletters, press releases, and paid promotional material
  • » Share relevant existing content that benefits your audience and the overall value of your web presence

Content Promotion

  • » Expand your content's influence through distribution to other websites and syndication on social media channels
  • » Maximize your reach and return on investment by repackaging selected content through SlideShares, webinars, whitepapers, infographics and new blog posts
  • » Engage and interact with your community and track the success of your campaigns with analytics

Higher Education Marketing delivers customized content management solutions for all our clients:

Website content

  • » Clear, concise, and well organized content that compellingly communicates your core brand messaging, including regular updates with fresh material, is integral to your institution's web presence


  • » Frequent posting of relevant, informative and engaging content to your website's blog is the anchor of high quality content marketing


  • » Photographs and other images are the magnetic force driving social media interaction, drawing attention to your stories


  • » Compellingly convey your school's appeal with moving pictures and sound


  • » Gain visibility by promoting news, programs and events of interest to your prospects

Press releases

  • » Spread the word about your newsworthy events with targeted exposure while gaining SEO benefits


  • » Help your audience visualize important information with creatively engaging, data-rich images

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