A well executed digital marketing campaign can generate significant increases in the number of direct inquiries and applications your institution receives. In order to maximize the benefits of your efforts, it’s important to ensure that you have the resources to follow-up with every prospective student who makes contact, offering your help, guidance, and support, and welcoming them into your school community.

Employing CRM technology allows your institution to capture, track, and follow-up on every inquiry automatically. Prospective applicants can be nurtured towards enrollment with pre-loaded, carefully timed campaigns that allow you to build a strong relationship with leads from day one.

Are you still using Excel files to track and follow-up with leads and applications on a daily basis? Do you find yourself working double time just to keep up? Would you like your recruitment team to spend more time recruiting than updating a spreadsheet? Our team will help you to manage both inquiries and applications, automate your follow-up processes, and create fully personalized emails, SMS, and complementary content offers for students at every stage in the enrollment process.

HEM offers comprehensive CRM services through either Mautic or Hubspot, which can be specifically tailored to your school's needs.


Follow-Up On Every Single Inquiry with Tailored Lead Management Solutions

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HEM uses CRM technology to create a fully automated lead management system for your institution, allowing you to:

  • » Compile detailed profiles for each new contact
  • » Track individual leads’ page views, area of interest and time spent on-site
  • » View new inquiries by country or region
  • » Segment leads into lists for quick access- organize by program, location, language, and more!
  • » Send automated responses via email and SMS
  • » Easily schedule follow-up contact, book appointments and tours, and manage tasks

Use CRM Technology to Manage Your Online Applications

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Your institution’s CRM platform can also be used to manage your applications, including:

  • » Creating online application forms for your programs
  • » Viewing applications by program and application status
  • » Tracking applicants by conversion path for improved campaign optimization
  • » Scheduling follow-up contact, interviews, and automated responses to applications

Create Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Channels

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HEM can develop automated email lead nurturing campaigns for your institution, which can help to build trust with prospective students and resolve critical barriers to enrollment, ensuring your institution never lets a single lead fall through the cracks.

  • » Automate personalized emails for leads at every point in the enrollment journey
  • » Create segmented campaigns for more efficient targeting
  • » Define specific actions, triggers, and goals for your campaigns
  • » Develop multi-lingual campaigns for international recruitment
  • » Schedule regular newsletters
  • » Include tailored complementary content offers including blogs, infographics, brochures, and more

Manage Your Campaigns More Effectively with Comprehensive Reporting


HEM will also provide detailed CRM feedback that can help you refine and improve your campaigns:

  • » Quickly view your recent activity on easy-to-read dashboard
  • » Track your lead generation on multiple channels (organic search, Pay per Click, social media, etc.)
  • » View reports for leads and applications by status, program, or country
  • » Easily share campaign information with other team members