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Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Schools

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Schools is a professional learning course that teaches you key digital marketing concepts and encourages you to reconsider your approach to digital marketing. The course will introduce you to the role of marketing in a competitive market and give you good insights of how to apply its principles to online marketing. Topics covered will contain the basics of inbound marketing, content marketing, social media, ranking your pages on Google (SEO), paid media campaigns, and more.

Suitable for anyone involved in generating inquiries and student applications through recruitment, marketing, or digital advertising for schools. Strengthen your understanding of marketing fundamentals applied to the digital environment by increasing your confidence level to discuss digital strategies with agencies and helping you decide and execute which tactics are best for your school.

This hands-on course consists of 9 hours of live, virtual delivery, over three sessions.

Key Course Benefits

This course will guide you through the core of fundamental knowledge of marketing, applied to the digital world with an innovative framework for achieving a leap in value creation for your customers.

  • » Understand why digital marketing is crucial for your business today and the changes in the digital landscape in the post-pandemic era
  • » How marketing creates value and can influence perceptions, purchases, and loyalty
  • » How successful brands are developed and sustained using segmentation, targeting, and positioning for effective and profitable marketing
  • » Popular digital marketing tactics across the online sales funnel - Develop your own marketing strategy, or be able to discuss any strategy with your digital agency
  • » Create innovative marketing analytics initiatives in your organization

Course fees are $399 USD per registrant. Use PROMO CODE GET2SAVE10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount when 2 or more seats are booked from the same institution.

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