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Mautic’s dashboard is highly customizable, allowing users to track a myriad of admissions activities.

Preset Dashboard Reports

When you create a Mautic account, your dashboard will automatically include the following 11 reports, which you can change, edit, or remove as you wish:

  1. Contacts Created
  2. Contact Map
  3. Top Lists
  4. Visits
  5. Emails Sent/Opened
  6. Unique/Returning Visitors
  7. Ignored/Opened Emails
  8. Identified vs. Anonymous leads
  9. Dwell Times
  10. Recent Activity

Contacts Created

As the name suggests, this report shows how many contacts were created over a specific period.


Dashboard - contacts created

Contact Map

This map offers a visualization of where your contacts are located.


Contact map

Top Lists

In Mautic, lists are groupings of contacts that are used for more personalized and strategic follow-up. Mautic ranks your lists based on the number of contacts within them.


top lists

Website Visits

The website visits report does what it says on the tin: it lets schools know how their web traffic fared over a set time.


Dashboard - visits

Emails Sent/Opened

This report provides insight into your email statistics. As shown below, the report is currently tracking sent emails, but you can easily change that to different email insights by editing the report, which you can learn more about here.


Dashboard - emails sent opened

Unique/Returning Visitors

This report allows you to easily compare your unique and returning web visitors using a pie graph format.


unique vs returning visitors-20

Ignored/Opened Emails

The ‘ignored/opened’ emails report allows you to visually analyze the impact of your email campaigns with this simple metric.


Dashboard - ignored opened emails

Identified vs Anonymous Leads

This allows you to compare how many leads you’ve identified, and how much are anonymous, which is helpful for understanding your lead quality.


Dashboard - identified anonymous leads

Dwell Times

This report allows you to compare how long visitors spend on your website. The different colours correspond to a different time frame, which is visible by hovering over each section of the chart.


Dashboard - Dwell times

Recent Activity

This report shows you the various activities undergone by either Mautic users, or the system itself.


recent activity

Upcoming Emails

The ‘Upcoming Emails’ report offers a refresher on any active email campaigns which are due to send mails soon.


Dashboard - upcoming emails-03

Additional Tracking Options

In addition to the above reports, users can also track a number of other admissions activities by editing the report ‘Type’ (for more on editing widgets, click here) or creating a new report (for more on adding reports click here).

Additional dashboard tracking options include:

  1. Contact Map
  2. Top Lists
  3. Visits
  4. Emails Sent/Opened
  5. Unique/Returning Visitors
  6. Ignored/Opened Emails
  7. Identified vs. Anonymous leads
  8. Dwell Times
  9. Recent Activity
  10. Downloads in time
  11. Unique vs. Repetitive Downloads
  12. Popular Assets
  13. Created Assets
  14. Events triggered in time
  15. Leads added in time
  16. Emails in time
  17. Most sent emails
  18. Most read emails
  19. Created emails
  20. Devices for emails read
  21. Form submissions in time
  22. Top submission referrers
  23. Top submitters
  24. Created forms
  25. Lifecycle
  26. Top contact owners
  27. Top contact creators
  28. Popular landing pages
  29. Created landing pages
  30. Device granularity
  31. Points in time
  32. Report graph
  33. Stages in time