Social Media Marketing for Educational Institutions

With close to 98% of students active on social media today, and 75% of students saying social media content influences their enrollment decision, social media marketing for educational institutions is an essential tool for student recruitment.

Regardless of what kind or size of school you are, or where you’re located, HEM can help boost your school’s brand awareness and develop a vibrant, active, and growing following across multiple social networks that will make an impact in your school’s online presence. We’re known for developing integrated social media marketing strategies that leverage a wide range of relevant platforms and are relevant to your audience and creative that will resonate. Find out more about your our approach.

Organic Social Media Content

HEM’s social media marketing packages are designed to fit the needs of schools just like yours.. As a specialized digital marketing agency supporting all school types and sizes, our team can create up to 30 unique social media posts per week distributed on your school's social media feed, and provide expert recommendations on how to leverage the best channels to reach your target audience. Our inbound marketing packages typically focus on these four leading platforms:


  • » With over 2.9 billion active monthly users, Facebook remains an essential platform to reach your prospective students and reinforce your recruitment efforts
  • » Essential when it comes to sharing various content such as photos, blog posts, informative content, infographics, live video, and events
  • » Ideal for: reaching a large audience and posting a wide variety of content.


  • » With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most popular social network worldwide, after Facebook
  • » A must-have platform for sharing visual and attractive content (photos, videos, infographics, reels, etc.)
  • » Instagram is a powerful tool for reaching a young audience aged between 18 and 35
  • » Ideal for: reaching a young audience with attractive visual content.


  • » With more than 200 million daily active users, Twitter is an essential social media to communicate information through short concise messages ideally to adults aged 25 to 34
  • » An essential platform to reach parents of students or adults who want to continue their education
  • » Ideal for: reaching young adults with short content.


  • » Linkedin has an active community of over 180 million subscribers
  • » Primarily used by professionals and companies to develop their contact networks, company information and seek out new career opportunities
  • » Prime channel to promote professional development or career change training
  • » Ideal for: reaching young professionals who want to develop their careers.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media using paid advertising allows your institution to quickly reach potential students and generate student inquiries immediately. Our paid ads team has a proven track record of creating paid advertising campaigns, for all sorts of school types and highly specialized target audiences.

What campaign goals are you looking to achieve?

With so many objectives to choose from including promoting new programs, advertising for open house/ open days, career fair events, increasing social media followers or simply to generate more leads for your enrollment funnel, HEM can help.

Awareness and Engagement Goals:

  • » Generate interest in your school’s brand, programs, or events
  • » While not focused on generating immediate inquiries, these campaigns are pivotal for putting your school at the top of a prospective student’s mind when it comes time to researching programs of interest or applying

Lead Generation Goals:

  • » Highly focused campaigns target prospective students according to the needs of your school (age, location, educational background, educational interests, etc.) and aim to secure immediate inquiries into your programs
  • » Work best when your school is actively seeking admissions and looking to fill seats in your classrooms

Establish Metrics that Matter

  • » Each campaign type and marketing strategy will deliver different metrics for performance analysis, called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • » The first step of a successful campaign is to define the correct KPIs, which can vary from Reach to Traffic, or from Engagement to Purchases


Facebook and Instagram Ads:

  • » Sharing similar personas, Facebook communicates better with parents of students while Instagram delivers a better performance when the ads are related to visual markets such as makeup, art, esthetics, etc.

LinkedIn Ads:

  • » LinkedIn professional platform focuses on business networking. For that reason, it’s perfect for business to business (B2B) advertising, corporate training and even finding mature professionals that might be interested in additional pathways to advance their careers.

Reddit Ads:

  • » Reddit has a massive user base and can be leveraged to give your school and its programs additional exposure. This platform works best when a school is looking to advertise nationally and generate more brand awareness to support marketing efforts on other channels.

TikTok Ads:

  • » TikTok is currently among the most popular social media platforms for today’s youth. As a video-focused platform, ads need to be short, witty and engaging in order to gain the most traction
  • » Ideal for schools seeking exposure among the 18-24 age bracket, this platform can bring your institution or programs exposure on a massive scale if done well

The HEM Difference

HEM is an education-focused digital marketing agency with close to 15 years of experience in creating organic and paid content to build schools' social media presence. Our Social Media experts offer a personalized and collaborative approach to designing innovative, customized and engaging social media content.

Social Media platforms are powerful tools to reach prospective students and generate inquiries. In the hands of the right digital marketing experts, these channels can be leveraged to generate student inquiries that your school needs. Our team offers full-service ad campaign management, from designing engaging ads and landing pages to managing and optimizing campaigns while continually delivering the results you’re looking for

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