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Social Media Monitoring

Date posted: December 19, 2011

Social Media Monitoring

Any social media strategy is useless if you cannot, at any time, track its implementation, that is, rely on specific analytics to know which efforts are worth pursuing and which initiatives should be stopped. Monitoring your social media efforts is essential to optimizing your strategy and maximizing your social media ROI. At Higher Education Marketing, we specialize in analytics and in helping our clients stay on top of their social media game.

Higher Education Marketing’s social media monitoring services can help you:

  • Monitor and analyze all your social media key indicators including :
    • The nature and level of engagement of followers/fans
    • Your school’s share of conversation in your niche
    • Your school’s share of voice online
  • Leverage all social engagement analytics tools (Social Interactions analytics and PostRank Analytics) to pinpoint profit killers in your social media strategy
  • Ensure consistency and quality for your presence on each of the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) from the point of view of your school’s personas (layout of profiles, specific features used)
  • Lead in the conversation, solidifying your brand reputation and gaining the trust of the online community, thanks to:
    • A fine-tuned online strategy to best meet your prospects’ needs on each specific platform
    • Recommendations to boost interactions and engagement with your prospects
    • An extensive listening grid as well as tools and tips to help your social media team manage your presence and content efficiently
  • Regular reports and support using cutting-edge report software
  • Regular tweaks for a consistently improved ROI
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