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HEM Social Media Strategy Plan

Date posted: December 16, 2011

HEM Social Media Strategy Plan

HEM proposes a custom-made, actionable, easy-to-follow social media strategy plan to help your college or university achieve its marketing goals in social media. This comprehensive plan emphasizes an integrative approach to leverage all platforms relevant to your audience and your global social media marketing goals.

Higher Education Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Plan includes:

  • A strategic meeting with your school and department stakeholders to define your marketing objectives and targeted audience, and to discuss your current social media efforts and decide on a strategy with measurable goals.
  • Creation of personas to better grasp who the prospects are for your college or university, what their needs and expectations are, and how they should be reached
  • Definition of 2 – 3 objectives your school wishes to reach with social media
  • A social media audit (if you are already involved in social media) including:
    • Quality of your school’s presence on each of these platforms (layout of profiles, specific features used)
    • Level of engagement of the followers/fans: number of comments, number of people talking about a specific subject, reaction of the competition, etc.
    • Nature of the engagement: comments, references, likes, retweets, direct reply, +1s, sharing, etc.
    • Share of conversation in your school’s niche and potential influencers
    • Content strategies that could be implemented by your school
    • What competitor behaviors are worth emulating, and which competitor weaknesses can be exploited
  • A competitive analysis (including at least one major competitor) including a thorough evaluation of 2-3 main competitors’ use of their websites and blogs to promote their social media presence and an evaluation of their share of social media voice for the targeted market
  • Identification of the best channels for your school to attract and engage with prospects in order to stand out from competition
  • A social media strategy proposal based on all findings and proposing 3 clear goals we suggest you start with
  • An action plan to start implementing your strategy

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