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In Mautic, there are two different ways to assign a contact to an agency. You can identify a certain agency when creating a contact or edit a contact’s profile to include their agency.

Assign New Contact to Agency

If the contact you want to add to an agency isn’t yet in Mautic’s database, you can make sure to specify what agency they belong to when creating them.To create a new contact, you can either click ‘Quick Add’ or ‘New’ to start the process. For more information into the two different methods of creating contacts in Mautic, click here.


Add new contacts


If you choose the ‘Quick Add’ option, you can select the agency a contact belongs to by filling in the ‘Agent Name’ section.


agent name section quick add


If choose to create a ‘New’ contact, navigate to the ‘Agent information’ section to add the agency and/or agent name.


Agent information section New contact


Note: if you haven’t added the agency to Mautic at this point, you can do so in the ‘Agencies’ section of Mautic. Learn more about creating an agency contact here.

Edit Contact’s Agent Information

If you want to update a contact to include their agent information, first navigate to the contact’s profile in Mautic. 

There are two areas where a contact’s agent information appears in each profile. One is under ‘Company’ in the right-hand lead profile, and the other is under ‘Agent Information’ in the top left-hand section.


Edit agency in contact profile


To edit your contact to include an agency or agent, you could either manually edit your contact or use Mautic’s inline editing feature. 

Manually Edit Contact Agency

If you choose to manually edit your contact, first click ‘Edit’ in the top right-hand corner.


Edit contact manually to add agency


Then, navigate to ‘Agent Information’ and add the appropriate details.


Edit agent information manual

Quick Edit Contact Agency

Mautic’s inline editing feature enables users to edit contacts without navigating out of their profiles. For more information on it, click here.

To assign a contact to an agency using this feature, first click ‘Agent Information’ in a contact’s profile. If no information appears, toggle the green ‘Show Empty Fields’ button.


show empty fields edit agency


Since you haven’t yet assigned the contact to an agency, the agent name will show up as ‘Empty.’ Simply double click on this field and you will be able to enter in an agent name.


quick edit agent name


The profile will automatically update with the new information.