Elevating ENSR International School Through Digital Marketing

ENSR International School is an English-French bilingual boarding and day school in Switzerland with 600 students from over forty different countries. In order to promote the school widely and meet its recruitment goals, it needs carefully targeted digital marketing campaigns directed at parents and agents.

Strategic Partnership with HEM: Global Insight for Local Success

For the past two years, ENSR has turned to HEM to ensure that its marketing funds are well-spent and delivering results.

“I started with the school in 2019 and prior to that work on Search Engine Optimization had not yet fully taken off,” says Nadia Egger, Director of Admissions and Marketing at ENSR, which was established more than a century ago.

At the outset, ENSR worked with a Swiss marketing company. “However, we found that we needed more global marketing insight and someone with experience in the international education sector,” she says. HEM only works in the education field and helps clients recruit students from countries around the world.

Collaborating with a marketing company in Canada was surprisingly easy for ENSR, with communication flowing smoothly via email and online calls. After analyzing the school’s needs, the HEM team delivered some SEO enhancements so that potential families looking for a boarding school would see ENSR near the top of any search engine results page.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

In conjunction with Egger, the HEM team developed Google Ad campaigns with a focus on big cities in several different countries. The school used demographic information about past students to determine target markets, as well as areas where ENSR wanted to expand.

HEM helped the school to tweak its landing pages to ensure that the ads generated high-quality leads that could result in students enrolling.

“Initially, we had some challenges because we were receiving a lot of inquiries from parents who did not have the budget to send their child to a boarding school in Switzerland,” Egger says.

As the sole admissions officer, Egger must be careful to devote her time and energy to advising families who are serious about the school. The revised landing pages has helped to generate strong leads.

Admissions Growth and Continued Collaboration

For ENSR, the shift to digital marketing with HEM has been a huge success. The ad campaigns have resulted in an increased number of outstanding inquiries. Admissions have gone up by 10 percent annually during ENSR’s time working with HEM.

With the success of the ad campaigns, ENSR has asked HEM to create social media posts and update content regularly to continue to optimize SEO.

As a bilingual school, ENSR targets parents who want their child to study in English and/or French as well as agents who have been solicited to find such schools for their clients. HEM has helped the school develop its marketing in French by adding regular blog content to the website.

“HEM has been very responsive to any adjustments that we need to make to ad campaigns and our content,” Egger says.

“Everything is always completed on time and is done in a satisfactory manner.”

The school plans to continue working with HEM as it grows and expands into markets around the world. “Our financial investment has absolutely paid off with the increase in the number of students enrolling,” she says.

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