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Date posted: May 12, 2011

Mobile Marketing for Higher Education

Higher Education Marketing’s Mobile Marketing lets schools leverage the smartphone Web experience, providing templates, custom school apps, fit-to-screen mobile versions of program pages and more. This increasingly important tool can help your school develop a streamlined, mobile-optimized presentation of your content.

Mobile Marketing services provide:

  • The opportunity to increase your audience and online presence by catering to new and specific viewer preferences
  • The chance to connect with students and prospective students on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis, whether they are on a train, plane or beach
  • Unique mobile features and content that will help your school stand out among its competitors
  • Cutting-edge tactics, tools and techniques that will make your school an innovative market leader
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What does Mobile Markering for schools entail?

  1. A mobile-friendly or mobile school website
    This can simply be an extension of the non-mobile school website, or a much more sophisticated stand-alone version that is optimized and designed for the mobile Web experience. The aim is to develop a streamlined, mobile optimized presentation of your school or program content that makes the mobile experience enjoyable and user-friendly.
  2. Mobile Apps
    Apps are now the best way to streamline your content for the mobile Web, allowing your target audience to access content and information easily and directly on their phone. Furthermore,  apps can also present new revenue and marketing opportunities.

A strategic website audit can help you discover mobile marketing opportunities. Please click here for a free Higher Education Marketing website audit.